DLive is joining the Lino blockchain, moving away from Steem

Dear DLivers & Steemians,
I have some news about DLive to share with everyone on DLive and Steemit. Before I get into the details, I want to take a moment to thank @ned and Steemit Inc. for the support. Steem is an amazing blockchain. It was the first project to introduce its own content-focused blockchain to provide an outlet for those content creators being censored, demonetized, and treated unfairly on other platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. I sincerely feel that DLive adds value to the Steem blockchain and we have shown the new and existing users of Steemit just how great this blockchain is. However, we have realized that a consumption-based economy is indispensable for the long-term sustainability of any live streaming and video applications. The major source of income for streamers should be highly dependent on their viewers supporting them through various methods such as tipping, gifting, and subscriptions. Now, it is time to start a new chapter on this journey. On Monday, September 24th at 10:00 am PDT, DLive will be migrating to the Lino blockchain testnet. During the migration, DLive will be down for the entire day. On Tuesday, September 25th at 10:00 am PDT, we will be back up and running but on the Lino blockchain testnet.
This may come as a shock to our Community but my team and I have had thorough discussions about truly bringing this platform to the next level. Yes, there is a bunch of development work that needs to be done before we become competitive but we feel this move to Lino will greatly improve the user experience and performance of DLive. More importantly, it will create a sustainable future for DLive. The Lino blockchain not only maintains the important positive attributes for why DLive decided to utilize blockchain technology for live streaming but also provides solutions for a more decentralized and stable infrastructure, fee-less transactions, and can process over 10,000 transactions per second which is ideal for micro transactions. On top of all this, Lino’s main focus is to revolutionize the video content ecosystem and will be providing resources and support to make it a reality. The Lino Team is a group of talented individuals that share the same vision in the future of blockchain and video industry. Your original content should not become something that is manipulated by anyone or entity. We believe by utilizing the Lino ecosystem that DLive can become a killer app that stands out from all the DApps in the world.
On Tuesday, September 25th at 10:00 am PDT after the migration is complete, you can expect to see a glimpse of “The New DLive” along with a new UI and the new branding. It is an exciting change for every DLiver. Unfortunately, after the migration, the DLive android application will be down for roughly a week. For all the users that are using the mobile application, we ask that you use the web app, or navigate to https://dlive.io on your mobile browsers.

Why is DLive migrating?

We’ve been monitoring analytics and we were not able to reward our content creators with the true value of their content. Our focus was to grow our user base, and build an engaging live streaming and video community while growing Steem as well, and deliver upvotes as evenly as possible during the last 9 months. However, the current economic model of Steem incentivizes large Steem holders to continuously upvote their own content and other creators who specifically support their content. This creates an ecosystem where a content’s true value can’t be recognized or be fairly rewarded.
Community members who are not “privileged” enough to be a part of these groups with large voting power are therefore penalized financially. This problem has been brought up many times within the community and even by prominent figures outside of the community. We believe that this problem, along with the current market conditions has led to a decreased consumption rate of live streams and videos on the platform and is one of the most important issues we are looking to resolve. For DLive to reach the next level of live streaming and video, we need a more sustainable ecosystem and a more fair mechanism to encourage content consumption and production on the platform.


There are other issues that will be addressed after the migration. Things like account setups. Account setups are instant on the new DLive, you can create an account and start live streaming or uploading videos within a few minutes. This is so important for mainstream adoption. We monitored our guest accounts and found that only a small percentage were able to wait for a Steemit account to start using our platform.
For improving the live streaming experience, you can start and stop your broadcast whenever you like straight from your broadcasting software. There is no need to make a new post every time you go live. There are many more reasons why we are migrating and I believe if you sign into DLive on Tuesday, September 25th as a new or existing user you will agree.

How will DLive users be rewarded during the Lino testnet phase?

During the test net period on the Lino blockchain, we will use LINO Testnet Points to reward users. Rewards will be delivered through tipping and gifting rather than upvotes. All the users will be allocated a certain amount of free LINO Points when they sign up. Users will also be able to buy LINO Points in order to make donations. We will also have channel subscriptions enabled shortly after the migration, so you will be able to subscribe to your favorite channels. However, consumption is very important to support content creators. The major source of income for content creators will come from the donations from viewers and fans who truly appreciate the original content, and eventually, the DLive team will reward users through the Lino blockchain inflation pool instead of directly rewarding users through tipping.
Lino has an inflationary rewards pool similar to Steemit. This is paid out on top of your tips, gifts, and channel subscriptions based on Proof of Content Value; it will be done automatically based on the consumption using a proprietary algorithm. The reward pool distribution to you, as a content creator, will be proportional to the amount that your content earnings constitute of the entire tipping pool earnings.
For example, when you receive a $5 tip, and the remainder of the entire DLive ecosystem content tipping pool within the same time frame generates an additional $95, your earnings constitute 5% of the total earnings pool and therefore will be rewarded approximately 5% of the inflationary reward pool. All the posts on the Lino blockchain will not have 7-day earnings window, which means all the posts can be tipped and earn bonus rewards from the inflation rewards pool forever.
Earnings for a single post (live stream or video) ≈ Donations from viewers + Bonus rewards from blockchain inflation.

Introducing the New Community Hub

End-user experience has always been and will always be a top priority for us. Nothing will change with this migration, we understand how resistant the Community may be to change but let me assure you that our team will be here to assist in anything you may need. We just launched a new Community Hub in replacement of the Help Center, dedicated to all of DLive’s users. The new Community Hub consists of a help center, a forum, a blog, and customer support services. From now on you can access all the resources you need in one location.
As always our team is accessible through Discord, DLive Fanbase and the new Community Hub, 24 hours a day. If you have any questions that are not addressed in the Community Hub, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A New Chapter, A New Start

To show our appreciation, all DLive accounts created prior to September 24th will receive 100 LINO Points as a bonus, when you sign in to The New DLive and claim your Lino blockchain account.
The New DLive on a new blockchain. It is a change as well as a challenge to DLive and everyone in the community. It is a new journey for both DLive and the Lino blockchain and I am sure everyone will love it.

We have always valued the opinion of our Community. If you will be using #TheNewDLive and are supportive of this change, leave a comment below. I can’t wait to hear from all of you!
Again, thanks @steemit, hello #LinoNetwork.
Best Regards,
Charles Wayn (Kent)
Founder & CEO of DLive

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