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From the bottom on my heart, thank you all SO much

Username: Lunawolf
Channel: https://dlive.tv/lunawolf


Hello! My name is Lunawolf. I like to play lots of games and have sit down chatting streams. I have been streaming for 5 years. I was originally a Twitch streamer starting back in 2014. Streaming back then wasn’t widely known but when I heard about it, I gave it a shot and I really enjoyed it. Streaming quickly became a huge hobby for me and I have been doing it ever since. I started to grow over the years but around the beginning of 2018, I started to fall off. I strived for Twitch Partner for a very long time, but I felt that I could not hold viewers like I used to. Most platforms, like Twitch, were hard to grow on and became too competitive. Most streams began to grow lonely and my income began to drop as well, and I knew something needed to change. That’s when I found DLive. It was quite small when I first found out about it, and they recently switched over to LINO Blockchain from Steemit.

To be honest, I was afraid to start streaming on DLive, since every other platform I streamed on didn’t do well. I decided to bite the bullet and went live with my first stream. I got SO much love and support from the community. People from all over the site were welcoming me, even those that may not speak English made sure to stop by and show their support. It was an amazing feeling and I never wanted to end the stream. Ever since that stream I have made DLive my home. Not only is the community extremely supportive, so is the staff. No matter the time of day, DLive staff will always be there for you to answer any questions you may have and always try to come to everyone’s stream. I have never seen any other platform have something so amazing, and that’s what makes DLive so special. Not only that, but the way the platform is monetized makes it convenient for EVERYONE, not just the streamer. I believe having a blockchain system is also what has made DLive stand out even more.

If you are already a part of the DLive community, I just want to say thanks again for welcoming someone like me to the platform and making me not feel astrayed. If you are not yet a part of the DLive community, I highly recommend making the switch over. It can be frightening at first to try something new, but I promise the jump will be worth it. And even if you don’t stream, I can promise you there’s so many talented streamers on here that are worth watching. With that being said, I hope to see some of you in my streams! I am a very talkative person and I love to play games with viewers. I will talk about anything and everything, and if you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here! Again, from the bottom on my heart, thank you all SO much for getting me where I am today. Despite the ups and downs, you have all been here for me and I can’t be more grateful. Here’s to many great adventures together on DLive! -Lunawolf

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