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I have realized that I finally found my home

Username: Mgigity
Channel: https://dlive.tv/Mgigity

Ever since I was a kid I knew that whatever I did in life I would want to be helping people. I discovered DLive when Pewds uploaded his video explaining what the platform stood for and how its main focus was to give back to creators.

After years of trying to build a community on Twitch and YouTube hearing this was fantastic news! I knew in order to stand out in the crowd I had to do something unique so I grabbed my Spider-Man mask and got to work. I slowly started to build my amazing community stream by stream until I was finally able to start giving back to smaller creators!

I am now a co-owner of a team of creators called the Dvengers. Our goal is to continue to give back to the community that helped our dreams become a reality. After seeing the amazing community that is DLive I have realized that I finally found my home and my passion for helping people lead me here.

I just want to thank DLive again for changing my life and giving me the opportunity to live out my childhood dreams to become a real-life superhero just like Spider-Man!

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