🎄 Christmas on DLive 2021! 🎁

Happy Holidays, DLivers!

We are so happy to spend another holiday season with our DLive family. To celebrate, we’re pleased to announce another installment of Christmas on DLive! From December 14th through the 25th, come join us for fun surprises, tons of holiday cheer, and a Twitter party! 🎁🎄


🎁 DLive Festive Calendar 🎁

Starting on December 14th, you are invited to start opening your DLive Festive Calendar.  Each day, a new surprise will be revealed for you to enjoy.

As with all good festive Calendars, look out for final day.. we have a real festive treat for a select few lucky users!

Your calendar can be found here, but no peeking! It won’t open until the 14th: https://connect.dlive.tv/campaigns/xmas2021/


☃️ DLive Holiday Twitter Party ☃️

On December 23rd, come celebrate Christmas Eve-Eve with us on Twitter as we pull out the party hats and holiday memes once again. We’ll be asking 10 questions during the party, and the best answers to each question will win a shiny new Ninjaghini! The party starts at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm UTC, so don’t be late!


We hope you all enjoy, and thank you for everything you do to make DLive great!

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