A Message from DLive Regarding the Recent Protests

Dear community members,

DLive is now under the spotlight due to some content streamed to our platform. The concerns, frustrations and questions that poured in through various avenues absolutely overwhelmed us. In the interest of thoroughly and effectively addressing these concerns, we are taking the time needed to respond to them appropriately. Even though some of these matters were beyond what we anticipated encountering as a start up company, we are here to make sure DLive is always moving in the right direction and addresses the needs and concerns of our community.

While we strongly advocate for the empowerment of our content creators, we also have zero tolerance towards any forms of violence and illegal activities.

Our team and community members have been actively screening across our platform for any content that has violated our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines on or about January 6th. We are still processing reports and are actively enforcing our Community Guidelines on those channels. Since yesterday, we have suspended 3 accounts, forced offline 5 channels, banned 2 accounts from live streaming and permanently removed over 100 past broadcasts from our platform. 

The DLive team actively are taking actions regarding streamers who are found to be part of or participants in the incident at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on January 6th including but not limited to account suspension, removal of past broadcasts, freezing their earnings and abilities to cash out. The donation and paid subscriptions will be refunded to the accounts from which they originated. 

Our product team has commenced working on adding reporting functions within the channel page, so in the future, we can handle similar issues in an even more expeditiously and efficient manner. In the meantime, if you have found a channel that violates our Community Guidelines, please raise a ticket over at http://go.dlive.tv/contact 

The community team at DLive are one of the most dedicated groups of people who all genuinely care about our community, and work tirelessly across the globe to ensure DLive is safe and vibrant.  At this time, we would like to sincerely apologize if the public perception of DLive has ever been misconstrued due to some of our non-compliant users. DLive always wants to reflect the direction people want to see in our community, and be clear on our messages and policies relating to violence or illegal activities.. 

DLive Team

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