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A new challenge, a new opportunity

Username: Katalina Ooma
Channel name: https://dlive.tv/katalina-ooma

Hello, dear ones!

And welcome to a very long post about my inner world. I know some people love sharing every bit of their personal life online, but to me this is a very sensitive matter. Still, it may be a valuable lesson to some or a funny tale to others.

It’s a story about a change that turned my life upside down in the most positive way. And it’s called Dlive.

What is Dlive tho’?

Um, what about streaming?

Honestly, if you asked me those questions last year, I wouldn’t be able to answer. Not because I lived under a rock, but never thought of them seriously. I was never interested, haha (I hear someone is already preparing the axe, but please just read until the end). My life was revolving around studying (until last year where I finally graduated my PhD degree) and a “stable” 9 to 5 job (working in an office with not one, but two bosses). Yep, I thought of it as my best achievement in life. XD

Gladly, my perception changed drastically after one of my students and best friends showed me other opportunities to share my content, knowledge, skills, or just some random thoughts. Up to that point I was already feeling suffocated between four blank walls, a bunch of depressed colleagues and a rich imagination filled with fantasy characters waiting to “see” the world…

Believe it or not, I started as a blogger first and witnessed the birth of Dlive, but didn’t feel confident enough to try it. I was lurking for months and waiting for the “right moment”. By the time I made up my mind Dlive moved to Lino so I did the most logical thing – I moved with it.

On September 27th with just a cheap-ass headset, one monitor, no cam and 0 experiences I did my first stream on Dlive. I had couple of viewers the whole stream and people were very welcoming in the chat. With a shaky voice and bursting heart I was entering a whole new world. Even my skills in communications and presentations couldn’t help my emotional state. Some people would say even a ten-year old will make it better and that may be true, but the ten-year old didn’t live my life. XD

It’s been months since that time. So much has happened. My personality changed so much with each mistake, new viewer and comment, each heart-whelming moment; they are all part of my life now, making me impatient to press the “Start Streaming” button. Even the struggles are welcomed, helping me appreciate the love and support more than usual.
If you have the eyes to “see” the best of each moment, any difficulty turns into a new challenge, a new opportunity. It’s not about “I can’t do it”, but “how to do it”.

How can I become a better streamer? How can I improve my setup? How can I achieve the best results? These questions have haunted me for months now. I still don’t know the right answer, maybe because I haven’t asked the right questions, namely:

How can I become a better person? How can I help others?

How to be the best in what I love doing?

I wish everyone finds the best answer, their reason and passion. I’ve found mine. I may not be the best, but I adore what I do. And all the love and support from everybody on the platform let me believe I’m probably doing something right.

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