Apex Legends – Duos Kill Race Tournament

Apex Legends – Duos Kill Race Tournament

Saturday, April 17th, 2021

10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM BST

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Register & Sign-up here

Deadline to complete registration form – Thursday, April 15th, 2021


  • Applicant MUST be a DLive streamer
  • Both teammates MUST have a DLive account for reward distribution.
  • MUST join the Apex Legends Kill Race Discord here


  • Unlimited matches for a 2hr duration
  • Cross-platform & open to ALL PC/Console players
  • Duos
  • Max of 15 Duo teams
  • You choose your Duo partner (other platforms allowed)
  • Server host will be based on Duo’s preference
  • Every team will be assigned a referee for the 2hr duration
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd place placements in the tournament will receive rewards

The tournament will last for 2 hours. This will offer unlimited matches so accumulate the most kills, top 3 placements and total damage as a Duo higher than 2.5K per match to go towards your score. Please ensure to check in by 9:30 AM PST / 5:30 PM BST on Saturday, April 17th, 2021 in the Discord channel labeled “check-in” under the category “Tournament”. Your referee will be spectating your matches and will be available for questions & verifying match completions.

Top 3 Duo teams with the highest score after a 2hr duration will receive rewards. Winners will be announced on stream after the final scoring as well on social media.


  • No smurfing or alt accounts
  • No cheating or hacking
  • No stream sniping
  • No lobby manipulation (manipulating lobbies using hardware & software is prohibited)
  • DLive applicant MUST stream the tournament.
  • DLive Kill Race overlay provided by the host MUST be showing on your stream during the event.
  • Every Duo team is responsible to send their game summary screenshots after EVERY match to the Discord channel “screenshots” under the category “Tournament”.
  • No screenshot means no points
  • Poor sportsmanship could result to a disqualification. Please be respectful towards the host, referees and other participants.


  • My stream disconnected in the middle of a match and the referee did not witness the end. If I send a screenshot of my game banner summary will it still count?No. A referee MUST witness your match from beginning to end. If your stream does not come back in time before the end of your match, that match will not count against your score. Game banner summaries can be manipulated & the referee must witness your match to show proof of completion. If you & your Duo can provide a video of the completed match, it will be up for discussion with the host & your referee for approval.
  • My Duo is no longer available for the tournament or must leave in the middle of the tournament? Will I get a DQ?No. You choose your partners. So, if you have another person available to take their spot you will need to provide the name of your Duo to the host prior to the tournament or to your referee during the tournament. If you do not have a Duo available, you may continue as a Solo. If neither of those options work for you, you can choose to be DQ.
  • The server host crashed and I am getting an error?Try switching to another server host. Your matches are for a 2hr duration. If the game is unplayable worldwide and ALL 15 teams are having the same issue, the host will make an announcement and will stop the 2hr time cap. If it is just YOUR server host, switching server hosts will help with the errors.
  • What if I did not capture my game banner summary in time?It is required for you to show proof of your game banner summary to count towards your score. This is to avoid game manipulation & cheating. If you have a video clip of your game summary this will work too. It is NOT the referees’ job to screenshot your matches. It is you and your Duos responsibility.

For more questions about the tournament, speak to the host direct in the Apex Legends Kill Race Discord here

The tournament will be hosted by: DOMO

You can spectate the tournament matches & scoring over at: https://www.dlive.tv/DOMO


1st place – $200 | 2nd place – $120 | 3rd place – $80


Good luck & have fun!

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