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DLive has changed the way streamers are supported

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I have only recently returned to DLive after trailing it out and I love that DLive is going from strength to strength.

I have been streaming and posting video content of my gaming adventures for a number of years now but I felt that I never found a proper home for myself. When I heard of DLive and started to stream there, I have instantly felt like I was at home. I love the community here and everyone is so genuinely supportive by dropping lemons, ice creams, diamonds and ninjaghinis.

DLive has changed the way streamers are supported in terms of income by using LINO. It certainly has and will continue to be a life changing thing.

I am currently on the grind for verified partnership and locked my first LINO today, 2500 in fact. I am now very close to hitting my 200 followers.

I am classed as a variety streamer and I play video games on either Xbox One or PS4 and I play games to suit my mood. I like to spotlight games on Game Pass, PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now or even revisiting retro games that were great.

I cannot wait to see how 2019 will be in terms of streaming. My year has already been very special with the arrival of my first baby boy called Miles (no, not named after Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog!) and could not be happier in life right now. If DLive could change how I provide streams and video content and make me the happiest I have been since I started it all, then DLive is a special place to be and can see this happening.

Let’s roll on the remainder of 2019 and beyond with my new home at DLive.