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Celebrate Halloween On DLive

We are proud to present DLive 2019 Halloween Campaign!

  • During the week, type !halloween in the chat will receive a special effect next to the avatar
  • We will have a halloween themed design for the Ice Cream gift
  • The background of the homepage will be a Halloween theme

Dates: October 28th 2019 to November 3rd 2019

Prizes: 5 Diamonds per winner & Social Media/YouTube video montage feature

To Participate

As a viewer:

Clip the best moment of your favorite streamers during the event.

As a streamer:

  • Sign up using this form – https://forms.gle/aK3wTQktpqEdeRnq9 and stream for at least 4 hours during the event week.
  • Dress up in scary costumes, play horror games, pumpkin carve… pretty much anything to do with Halloween!
  • Add your Halloween themed clips as highlights, anything from carving an amazing pumpkin to an incredible jump scare!

To Win the Prizes

  • DLive Team will select up to 20 best highlights, combine them into a Halloween montage video, and share it on Youtube and other DLive social media.
  • The creator of selected highlights and the streamer will both be rewarded 5 Diamonds.

Please note: You can only win once. If a streamer clips their own channel – they will only receive 5 x Diamonds. If a user clips 2 channels which both have highlights selected, they will only win 5 Diamonds.

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