Product Updates

Change Log – January 23, 2019

Changes were implemented into production on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

All Platforms
– Improvement: Fast donations implemented for gifts under 10 LINO Points.

– Improvement: Content bonus pop-ups and automatic redemption.
– Improvement: Increased performance of emojis in live stream chat.
– New: Danmaku, a premium feature for Global Partners, to display floating chat messages in the player.

– Fixed: Third party browser re-directs.
– Improvement: Subscription button in live stream chat.
– Improvement: In-app login supported.
– Improvement: Dark mode and in-app page re-designed.
– Improvement: Treasure chest (engagement bonus) improved.
– Improvement: Partner badge UI improvements.
– Improvement: Subscribe button added in watching page.
– Improvement: Edit profile in-app.
– Improvement: Top contributors added in watching page.
– Improvement: All categories with images shown in-app.

iOS (To test our iOS App, click here)
– Improvement: Show badge text for the subscriber, moderator, and broadcaster.

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