Community Event – Clip It! 🎬

Start Date: 20th August, 2020

End Date for Submissions: 26th August, 2020

Prize Pool: $360.00 worth of 🍋


  • Streamer – The streamer who is streaming
  • Clipper – The person who clipped the stream



Create DLive Clips and submit using the event page below for your chance to win a share of $360.00. The event will last 1 week, and if chosen as a winning clip, both the streamer and the clipper will win a prize!


  • To participate, we require all streamers to add at least one “Clip-it!” overlay on their streaming software.
  • See examples below:


  • Make sure the streamers have the “Clip-It!” overlay on their streams.
  • Submit the clips using the correct category.

There are 5 categories to choose from when submitting your clips:

  1. Best Shot
  2. Best Dance
  3. Funniest Moment
  4. Biggest Fail
  5. 360 No Scopes Only

The 5 winning clips (1 selected from each category by the DLive team) will be shared on Dlive’s social media platform where users can vote.  The clip with the most votes will receive a further reward!

You can submit your clips via the following page:  https://connect.dlive.tv/campaigns/clipit-august/


All prizes to be paid in Lemons 🍋

Streamer Prize Clipper Prize Total USD Value
Best Shot 3 x Ninjaghini ($36) 2 x Ninjagihini ($24) $60.00
Best Dance 3 x Ninjaghini ($36) 2 x Ninjagihini ($24) $60.00
Funniest Moment 3 x Ninjaghini ($36) 2 x Ninjagihini ($24) $60.00
Biggest Fail 3 x Ninjaghini ($36) 2 x Ninjagihini ($24) $60.00
360 No Scopes Only 3 x Ninjaghini ($36) 2 x Ninjagihini ($24) $60.00
Social Media Winner 3 x Ninjaghini ($36) 2 x Ninjagihini ($24) $60.00



  • No limit to the amount of clips you can submit.
  • Multiple streamers and multiple clippers can win prizes.
  • Streamers who clip their own streams are eligible for both prizes (clipper & streamer).
  • Have Fun!



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