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Community Event – Dead by Daylight

Date: June 19th to 21st 2020
Time: 9am PST
Platform: PC
Game: Dead by Daylight
Total Prize Pool: $800 + Giveaways
Channel:  https://dlive.tv/Boomer_Live

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  • Team based tournament (4 or more players)
  • Killers will host lobbies, KYF
  • Map​Order: Midwich School, Temple of Purgation, Groaning Storehouse, Fracture Cowshed, and Wreckers Yard
  • Broken down into 5 rounds played across 3 days
  • Teams: 1-56
  • Teams 25-56, will play in the Borrowed Time round to determine the Top 4 teams from that bracket to be introduced to the main bracket and participate in Round 2

Prize Breakdown

  • 1st: $200 USD in Lemons (20,833 Lemons) + $50 USD in Paypal
  • 2nd: $100 USD in Lemons (8,333 Lemons)
  • 3rd-4th: $50 USD in Lemons (4,166‬ Lemons)
  • Random Winners: Five people picked at random from chat to win $10 sent from PayPal

Game Giveaways

  • V-Rally 4 $50
  • F1 2018 $45
  • Book of Demons $25
  • Fury Unleashed $20
  • 911 Operator $15
  • Of orcs and men $15
  • Medieval Kingdom Wars $14
  • Don’t open the doors $11
  • Atari Vault $10
  • Stasis $10
  • System Shock: Enhanced $10
  • Royal Offense $10
  • Super Sports Surgery $10

Chest Bonus: 2,000 Lemons added to the chest each day.



  • +7,000 Points per escape
  • +200 Points per completed generator
  • +500 Bonus points for no deaths
  • +50 Bonus points max for using 4 unique survivors (Example Adam, Feng, Tap, Ace)
  • +100 Bonus points if all 4 survivors bring in no items


  • +End game scoreboard points
  • +50 Bonus points for only running 1 addon
  • +100 Bonus points for running no addons
  • (-1000,+0,+1000) Based on the killer you play from the chart belowExample:  If you choose “The Clown” you get an extra 1000 points for your killer points


  • Killers are allowed to camp and tunnel, they are not allowed to body block a survivor in a particular area for more than 10 seconds. Also killers are not allowed to intentionally ground a survivor, if suspected of intentionally grounding the killer will be penalized. 
  • No extreme stretched resolution, the tournament is broadcasted live and we would like to watch the gameplay not the grass textures on the maps. 
  • Only two offerings are allowed into the match, i.e. cut coin for killer and salty lips for survivor. 
  • Killer and Survivor may bring in Brown or Yellow items + add-ons. 
  • Banned Perks: 
    • Killer – No One Escapes Death, Rancor
    • Survivor – Adrenaline, Object of Obsession, Decisive Strike (Only 2 team members can run this perk)

      If you bring a banned perk or more than 2 people run Decisive Strike you will be forced to use your one allowed restart. If it happens more than one time in a match your team will be disqualified. 
  • Keys ARE NOT allowed to be brought into the game or used if found in the chests on the map. You may however, use the add-ons attached to the keys. 
  • All Survivor names must be unique, we cannot have four Karens on one team. 
  • Extreme lag/Lag switching will cause a restart to occur, if staff notice it happens again the match will once again be restarted and possibly a new killer and survivor will have to be chosen. 
  • Disconnection: If you disconnect within the first 60 seconds of the game it will result in a restart. However, if any significant progress is made on the game the match will not be restarted. If a game breaking bug does occur staff will discuss what to do for the round.
  • No arguing with staff for any reason or causing any problems in the Dlive chat. If this happens you will get a 1st time warning with a timeout. If the issue persists after the warning and timeout, it will result in a disqualification and ban. 

Disqualification: If for ANY reason a team is suspect of cheating they will be disqualified. If you are disqualified you forfeit the rights to any prizes and possible future events.

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