Community Event – #FallGuysOnDLive


Friday, September 4th, 8 AM PST  –  Sunday, September 6th, 11:59 PM PST 


Everyone, this is a global event


Participants stream themselves playing Fall Guys on DLive. The top 3 streamers who claim the highest number of crowns during the event period will receive a cash prize, distributed in the form of lemons. Users will submit their wins in the form of clips through our discord channel for this event. There will also be surprise prizes dropped randomly to select participants in the event. 


$500 prize pool paid in the form of Lemons 🍋

  • 1st place $250
  • 2nd place $150
  • 3rd place $100


  • Only games streamed on DLive during the event hours will be valid 
  • Must not remove the stream replay from their channel 
  • Must add #FallGuysOnDLive overlay to the stream. You can download the overlay here
  • Must include the hashtag  #FallGuysOnDLive in the title 
  • If there is a tie between the players, the prize of those places will be added up and divided amongst the players
  • Must add #FallGuysOnDLive overlay to the stream. You can download the overlay here

Twitter Party:

We are hosting a #FallGuysOnDLive Twitter Party on September 4th at 10am pst!

The event will last one hour. We will ask 6 questions about Fall Guys and best answer to each question will win a Ninjaghini. The winners will be announced the day after.

FallGuysOnDLive Twitter Party


  • 1st place – Zippy
  • 2nd place – JinkiSaladin
  • 3rd  – raccoonman

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