Dead By Daylight Tournament II

Event Host: smoshypancakes888

Event Time:

May 22+23 Round 1

May 29th+30th Round 2

12pm-4:30pm EST on both weekends


Total Prize Pool: $400



Sign up via Google Form here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSemnEwhnoxQlyiSBzSWBT8HrioCHM8zSpglkIDxURI39SAsCQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

(Deadline to complete Google Form – May 15th 2021)



Join the discord server by May 15 https://discord.gg/ZQFzY2k

For steam users please add smoshypancakes888 457154099 before May 15

Any playable platform



  • Banned Perks: BBQ, Beast of Prey, Distressing, Hex: thrill of the hunt, Prove Thyself, We’re gonna live forever, Noone left behind. 
  • Only uncommon or common items and addons allowed.
  • All offerings banned. 

MOST BLOODPOINTS WINS! Depending on signups we may add May 24 and May 31. Know when you’re up next live on https://dlive.tv/smoshypancakes888 with some shoutcasting!



  1. To get the prize: Make a Dlive account and stream during the event. 
    1. 3 days+8 hours streaming minimum to cash the prize. 
  2. Disqualifications determined by moderators. 
  3. Sportsmanship: No drama, hate speech etc to participants, mods and hosts. 
    1. No: tunneling, 99% gens, running into killer on purpose, quickening hook death, tauntingly: pointing, come or flashlighting to killers after winning. 
    2. No endlessly: vaulting, idling, dropping.
    3. No 10 second: hook/gen camping, cornering, hiding in lockers 
  4. Restarts: do not change perks. Banned perks= immediate restart and loss of a perk slot per banned perk. Disconnection 3x=skip then come back later.
  5. Be in the team voice channel an hour before your turn. 
  6. Be available for Round 1 and Round 2
    1. Round 2 might be additional rounds for more players due to the influx of signups or just the semifinals and finals for Round 1 players. -possible addition of mondays if need more slots-
    2. Ties: we will dm the top 3 teams for a rematch if they all tied for an availability.
  7. Have a killer and please rotate your killer
  8. During the tournament: Please contact only tournament mods. 
  9. Dm smoshypancakes888 for discord name changes+schedule conflicts
  10. If no response from the winner after 24 hours from contact in discord, we will give the win to the next team.
  11. Discord announcements: May 13 map posted, May 16 everyone’s hours posted.


PRIZE DISTRIBUTION PER TEAM (All prizes are paid in Lemons)

1st Place – $250

2nd Place – $90

3rd Place – $60

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