DLive Blockchain Migration & Support BTT Staking

Dear DLivers,

On behalf of the Lino team, we want to thank you all for participating in this amazing journey and collaboration with Lino Network and the Lino blockchain. After April 15th 5pm PST, the Lino blockchain will have all validators powered off and the Lino blockchain will be shut down. LINO coins will no longer have any utility nor will any transactions occur on the blockchain. Please ensure that you take appropriate action before the cutoff time if you have any LINO that you would like to convert to Lemons or BTT.

IMPORTANT: All conversions of LINO Stake to LINO require 24 hours, so please ensure all “Stake Out” processes are initiated before April 14th 5pm PST.

To Convert Your LINO Coins to BTT Tokens

Follow the instructions below to convert your LINO to Lemon or BTT before the deadline: https://community.dlive.tv/2020/03/23/progress-update-dlive-blockchain-migration/

Introducing the BTT Staking Rewards System

Since joining the BitTorrent family, we have been working closely with the BitTorrent team to integrate DLive into the BitTorrent product family to help grow DLive and further add value to the BTT ecosystem. Furthermore, beginning April 23rd at 5PM PST, LINO Staking Rewards will be replaced with BTT Staking rewards on DLive! BTT Staking Rewards will only be available through DLive, strengthening the partnership via DLive and BitTorrent. Staking Rewards will also be increased from 9.9% to 25% to further encourage and reward those who join DLive and support the new DLive & BTT economic system. This will make the new ecosystem more sustainable economically in the long run and further prevent fraud and abuse.

The below are all the updates that will be implemented:

  • The blockchain staking rewards will be increased from 9.9% to 25% on all DLive donations and subscriptions. (I.E. User donates 1,000 Lemons to a content creator on DLive, the content creator will receive 750 Lemons, and 250 Lemons will be distributed to all BTT Stake holders proportionally)
  • Users who wish to receive staking rewards will need to stake in BTT on DLive.
  • It will take 2 weeks to convert BTT stake to BTT tokens.

Logging with Lino Account on DLive Will No Longer be Supported

All users that have previously logged in to DLive using their Lino Account will need to create an alternative login using their email. After May 15th 5PM PST, accessing DLive using Lino login credentials will no longer be available.

If you need help in setting your account password please follow the instructions here: https://help.dlive.tv/hc/en-us/articles/360038932472-Changing-Your-Email-Password

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