DLive Emotes Launch

Dear DLivers,

We are proud to announce the first version of the DLive Emotes ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ˜

DLive still supports stickers, with the major difference being that 1 sticker can only be sent in 1 message, and emotes can be sent along with chat text.

Affiliates, Verified Partners and Global Partners now have the option to upload their very own channel emotes which can be used by their subscribers in any channel on DLive!

  • Affiliate = 3 Emote Slots
  • Verified Partner = 8 Emote Slots
  • Global Partner = 20 Emote Slots

To get started, head on over to your channel dashboard: https://dlive.tv/s/dashboard and select “Emote & Sticker”.

First, you will need to add a prefix, this is the text which will prefix all your emote names.ย  Please note, prefix’s can only be changed once every 30 days – so choose something amazing!

Example Prefix: tidy
Example Emote Text: tidylove

Uploading your Emotes

Click the “+” icon to launch a small window where you can enter the name of the emote, and upload your graphic (JPG or PNG / Max Size: 1mb)

Emotes are scaled automatically to 28px x 28px.ย  We will resize your images for you.

Clicking “Save” will add the emote to your channel library instantly.

Deleting your Emotes

To delete one of your emotes, hover over image you wish to remove and click the small cross.

How to use your emotes

In the chat room, click the sticker / emote icon to see all the emotes you have access to, clicking an emote will automatically add the emote text to the chat box ready for sending!

Pressing Send or Enter will send the chat message with the emotes!

Android and iOS

The first version of the Android app supporting DLive emotes has been released (check your play store for the update)

iOS users, we expect to have this update within the next few days.


If you have other questions about DLive Emotes feature, learn more under Viewer Resources orย learn more under Partner Resources.

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