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DLive Global Meetup Recap

Hey DLivers!

We are back from Istanbul, and we had a fantastic time!

Istanbul is a truly global city that has so much to offer! We spent our time there surrounded by engaged and passionate community members, amazing influencers, and great media friends. They showed us some great spots to eat and some magnificent sights. None of us can wait to go back! It was so great to be able to explore such a diverse and unique city and learn more about its culture.
But, even better than that it was terrific to get to meet the members of the DLive community who came out to support us. We would be nothing without all of you. Over 100 people turned out to support DLive’s official launch in Turkey, the support that we felt from everyone was touching, and we cannot thank everyone enough.

Here are some photos of the event!

Kevin, President of Honor Turkey, Metin, Head of Community at DLive, Wilson CEO of Lino, and Cemal Co-founder of Baho

The venue

The venue

The venue

Members of the DLive Community

Members of the DLive Community

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