DLive Jackpot Event – 42,000 Lemon Rewards – Clip-it!

Event: DLive Jackpot
Dates: 14th October 2022 to 28th October 2022
Important Links:

  • Download the overlay for your stream – link
  • Submit your Clips via the Jackpot Event Portal – link


Create and submit clips of your “slots” / “gambling” live streams for your chance to win a share of 42,000 LEMONS.  The person that created the clip and the streamer will both receive a prize if they are the lucky winner.

The clips are split into 3 main categories:

  • Best Jackpot Celebration
  • Highest Jackpot Multiplier
  • Largest Jackpot Win

What do I need to do as a streamer?

In order to take part of this event, you first need to add the “#YourStreamYourRules” overlay to your live streaming software and needs to be visible on the submitted clip.

To download the overlay please click here

What do I need to do as a viewer?

To capture a clip you wish to submit click the small clip icon located at the bottom right of the player.

Once you have generated the clip, copy the URL and head on over to the campaign page to submit.

How do I submit a clip?

Each time you generate a clip, you need to submit it on the event page.  Submitting is really easy and only takes a few minutes.  We will automatically grab the streamer and the person who generated the clip!

  1. Visit: https://go.dlive.tv/jackpot
  2. Click “Sign in with DLive
  3. Enter the URL of the clip
  4. Choose the category which best describes the clip
  5. Press “Submit

Your clip has been submitted! 🥳

⚠ Please note: We check all submitted clips before they are shown on the event page.

Prize Allocation

Streamer Prize Clipper Prize
1st Highest win 7,000 LEMONS 1,000 LEMONS
2nd Highest win 3,000 LEMONS 1000 LEMONS
3rd Highest win 1,000 LEMONS 1,000 LEMONS
1st Largest Multiplier 7,000 LEMONS 1,000 LEMONS
2nd Largest Multiplier 3,000 LEMONS 1,000 LEMONS
3rd Largest Multiplier 1,000 LEMONS 1,000 LEMONS
1st Best Celebration 7,000 LEMONS 1,000 LEMONS
2nd Best Celebration 3,000 LEMONS 1,000 LEMONS
3rd Best Celebration 1,000 LEMONS 1,000 LEMONS

How are the winners selected?

All winners will be selected by the DLive Team after the event has concluded.  We will post an announcement in the DLive Discord and on our Twitter page.


  • No limit to how many many clips you can submit.
  • Clips that have already been submitted will automatically be rejected
  • We will verify the clip with live stream replays to ensure it has been streamed on DLive.tv
  • All prizes to be paid in LEMON
  • Only clips with the correct “#YourStreamYourRules” DLive Overlay will be accepted.
  • All entrants must ensure their live streams adhere to our Service Guidelines & Terms of Service
  • Any user attempting to cheat will be blocked from this and future events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a streamer submit their own clips?
    1. Yes – If their clips is selected they will receive both the Streamer and Clipper Prize.
  2. How many clips can I submit?
    1. There is no limit to the amount of clips you can submit?
  3. What will you do with all the clips that are submitted?
    1. We will try and feature as many clips on our Social Media pages to highlight your stream.
  4. What if more than 1 user submits a similar clip?
    1. If your “moment” has been selected by the DLive Team we will use the clip submitted first (by date/time)
  5. What happens if somebody submits a clip without the overlay?
    1. Your clip will not be entered into the event.

DLive urges it’s community to gamble responsibly, for more information please see: https://www.begambleaware.org/

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