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DLive on Android With Fanbase!


Are you new to DLive and need some information on the platform?

What is DLive?

The Next Generation Live Streaming and Video Community on The Blockchain

DLive is a decentralized live streaming and video community, built on the Steem blockchain. It utilizes blockchain mechanisms to incentivize both content creators and viewers in cryptocurrency. DLive believes that all rewards belong to content creators, thus, DLive does not take cuts or charge any fees to its content creators.

What separates DLive from current live streaming and video platforms?

DLive is built on top of a decentralized platform, meaning the community determines what content should be seen and what content should not be seen, through upvoting or flagging. “DLive” the platform will never censor original content.

DLive is offering all live streamers and video authors a chance to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. DLive has a dedicated Content Management Team that views live streams and videos and rewards users based on the quality. These rewards are paid out in a crypto-currency called STEEM.

What are some of DLive’s accomplishments?

Without reading the full blog post, here are our successes in 6 months. If you are interested in reading the full blog post, it can be found here.

  • DLive is the largest live streaming DApp in the world.
  • The DLive tag on the Steem blockchain has shared over $2.6 million worth of crypto, which means content creators on DLive have received over $2.6 million worth of rewards since DLive has launched.
  • DLive.io has a global ranking of 59,042 according to Alexa.com and 41,088 according to SimilarWeb.com, in the past 3 months, our ranking has improved 125,784 positions.
  • DLive.io is now ranked 1675 in Poland according to Alexa.com.
  • In the last 30 days, there has been 500,000 Monthly Active Users and 1.5 million monthly visits in total.

If any of these points seem appealing to you, check out our platform today!

DLive Android Application v1.0

The Developement Team has been hard at work to make sure DLive is on it’s way to be the complete product. With that, we are officially launching our Beta Android application. This application is not published on the Google Play Store yet, but it is available here.

The application is still in development but here is what you can expect when using it.


Watch, follow and upvote your favorite live streamers and video creators, all from your mobile device.


Our Founder and CEO mentioned Fanbase in his blog post titled, I’m All in on DLive, Are You?. This feature is in test right now and only available through the android application. The end goal of Fanbase is to have an all-in-one solution for interactions. You will be able to connect with your community, grow your brand and increase engagement.


When using the mobile application you will be able to show your appreciation and support to your favorite content creators. The gifting will work exactly as it does on DLive.io, 100% of your gift will be delivered with no fees attached.

We are always looking for ways to improve our service and this will include being able to IRL stream directly from the mobile application in future releases.

If you experience any issues when using the Beta Android app, please report them to us. Always include your Steemit username so we know who you are! To report a bug, click here.

DLive Press Releases

Growth within the Steem blockchain and outside is very important to DLive. Today we have some news outlets covering the exciting launch of our android application! You can find the links to the articles below. This list will be updated as the press releases come out.

Venture Beat
Android Authority
Phone Arena

Official DLive Blog

The goal of the Official Blog is to allow users to sort through our announcements with ease. It can be challenging looking for something that was posted weeks, or months ago. When using the official blog you will be able to sort by the categories, allowing you to find what you are looking for, faster.
We hope that this will increase engagement on our Campaigns as well. We will be putting a link to the Official Blog directly on DLive.io soon.

The Official DLive Blog can be found here.

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