DLive Partners with Sologenic to Live Stream DeFi x SOLO Event

Dear DLive Community,

We are excited to announce that we recently formed a partnership with Sologenic, a DeFi Ecosystem connecting the traditional financial markets with crypto by tokenizing assets on-demand, to power their DeFi x SOLO Conference with our top-notch live streaming services.ย 

DeFi x SOLO is the highlight crypto event in 2020, hosting the globeโ€™s pinnacle of emerging crypto leaders and blockchain advocates. Presented by SOLO TV host Brent Hirose, the virtual event will include speakers from the blockchain industry and members of the Sologenic core team. Several key industry experts, including DeFi and crypto leaders, blockchain advocates, and those working in traditional financial markets, will speak during the event. At the virtual event, Sologenic will reveal its Tokenization Asset Simulator to the world. We will feature a live demo of the Simulator and host an AMA to answer all your questions.

The event will be streamed on DLive on November 18th at 7:30PM GMT/ 11:30AM PST. Please tune in the Sologenic DLive Channel to learn from leading industry experts about trends in the rapidly-evolving DeFi space.


Learn More at Sologenic.com/DeFixSOLO

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