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DLive Partnership Program Update – November 2019

Dear DLivers,

We are committed to listening to our community and have therefore decided to adjust our Partnership program based on your feedback.

The new requirements no longer take CCU or donations into account and are designed to promote building your Community on DLive.

Verified Partner Applications

Follower Count 1,000
Subscribers 20
Stream Time 15 Days, 15 Hours (Current Month)
Host 5 Channels (Current Month)

Verified Partner Maintenance – (Over 2 Months)

Subscribers 20
Stream Time 24 Days, 24 Hours (Over 2 Months)
Host 5 Channels (Over 2 Months)

Global Partner Applications

Followers 3000
Subscribers 150
Stream Time 15 Days, 30 Hours (Current Month)
Host 5 Channels (Current Month)

Global Partner Maintenance – (Over 2 Months)

Subscribers 150
Stream Time 24 Days, 48 Hours (Over 2 Months)
Host 10 Channels (Over 2 Months)

How can I improve my chances of getting accepted for a DLive Partnership?
Meeting the requirements does not mean that you will receive the status of Verified Partner / Global Partner. DLive reserves the right to make the final decision on all applications. We do have some guidelines that can help your application though.

Social Media
We encourage all users to promote their DLive streams on Social Media. We love the DLive community and you should too! Posting a message when going live, retweeting an important DLive announcement and even chatting with other DLive users in our Discord is a step in the right direction to meet other like-minded streamers.

Supporting other Channels
Supporting other channels when you are offline, even by just chatting to new streamers, welcoming them to the platform, or even hanging out in other users’ channels will help grow and shape the DLive community.

Supporting New Users to DLive
DLive is built on Community, and we, therefore, want to ensure every new streamer who starts streaming on DLive has a welcoming experience from other Community Members.

Learn more about the updated partnership program

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