DLive Stars Reborn

Hello DLivers,

We are thrilled to announce DLive Superstars Reborn commencing September 19th (12:00pm PST) and going until September 26th (12:00pm PST).

In order to join the event you must register using the following form Here 

There will be over 41,000 LEMON distributed in prizes consisting of the following 2 categories:

Category 1: Donations received during the event week. Users that received the most amount of donations (LEMONS and Subscription)

Category 2: Follower Gain during the event period, Users that received more followers during the event period.


Category 1 Prizes Category 2 Prizes
1st: 10000 Lemons 1st:  5000 Lemons
2nd: 7500 Lemons 2nd: 3000 Lemons
3rd: 5000 Lemons 3rd: 2000 Lemons
4th: 3000 lemons 4th: 1000 Lemons
5th: 1500 lemons 5th: 500 Lemons




  • All prizes are paid in LEMON
  • All entries must adhere with our Service Guidelines and Terms Of Service
  • Channels can participate in both categories.
  • Only donations and followers gained during the event period will be valid for prizes
  • All users should be registered on google Forms to participate in the event.
  • Users can register until the event ends.
  • Prizes will be distributed up to 7 days after the event closes


It was a great event, Please help us in congratulating the winners below 😁



https://dlive.tv/TheDoctor 10,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/ITS-JUNE 7,500 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/LaLa420 5,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/KingB33 3,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/bekiruygun 1,500 LEMON



https://dlive.tv/TheDoctor 5,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/TXSlotAddict 3,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/ITS-JUNE 2,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/serenayaka 1,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/cab7ben 500 LEMON


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