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Hello Dlivers,


Every so often we like to relive our childhoods whilst browsing old photos and videos. If you’re as nostalgic as we are, then this is the event for you!

How about celebrating by taking that old cartridge, from Atari, mega drive or super Nintendo out of the drawer, blowing it, and having fun? And why not get some love from the Dlive by receiving diamond donations?

Thursday, September 29th, from 8:00am to 10:00pm EST, you can participate in the #DLIVETBT Retro Gaming event.


Stream your retro stream during this time and receive diamond donations.


Donations Received Hours streamed in event
1st 2000 LEMON 1st 2000 LEMON
2nd 1000 LEMON 2nd 1000 LEMON
3rd 500 LEMON 3rd 500 LEMON
4th 300 LEMON 4th 300 LEMON
5th 200 LEMON 5th 200 LEMKON




Share the event on your social media with the tag #TBT and #DLIVETBT


Register at the link Here and check out additional rules.




👾All entries must agree with our Service Guidelines and Terms Of Service;

👾All users should be registered on google Forms to participate in the event.

👾Users can register until September 29 at 08:00 pm EST.

👾Users under X-tag will not be eligible for this event.

👾AFK STREAMS will not receive donations.

👾Users must be streaming under the RETRO category
👾Share the event on your social media with the tag #TBT and #DLIVETBT

👾Only streams with more than 30 minutes live will be eligible for receiving donations

👾 All Prizes Are In LEMON


Please help us congratulate the winners in this amazing event. 😁


https://dlive.tv/mayo_indy 2,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/KingB33 1,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/SrBurro 500 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/mythicruss 300 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/ITS-JUNE 200 LEMON


https://dlive.tv/mythicruss 2,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/SrBurro 1,000 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/ITS-JUNE 500 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/dougie1872 300 LEMON
https://dlive.tv/KingB33 200 LEMON

DLive also gave away over 20,000 LEMON to over 30 Channels. 😮

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