DLive Valentines Event + Twitter Party!

Dear DLivers,

We are pleased to announce the DLive Valentines Day event which will consist of unique avatar badges and our favourite… a Special Valentines Inspired Twitter Party!

DLive Badges

You love them, we love them… so we have decided to add Valentines Day badges for you to use on DLive to celebrate this special day!

!love https://images.prd.dlivecdn.com/effect/valentinesday-1
!tissues https://images.prd.dlivecdn.com/effect/valentinesday-2
!rose https://images.prd.dlivecdn.com/effect/valentinesday-3
!ring https://images.prd.dlivecdn.com/effect/valentinesday-4
!chocolate https://images.prd.dlivecdn.com/effect/valentinesday-5
!crying https://images.prd.dlivecdn.com/effect/valentinesday-6

To activate the badge on your profile, just type the relevant command into any DLive chat room!

* The badges will automatically be removed on the 21st February at 08:00 PST.

Valentines Day Twitter Party

Starting at 12pm PST over on our DLive Twitter Account https://twitter.com/OfficialDLive we will be hosting our world famous (yes – I said world famous) Twitter Party!

We will be posting Valentines Day specific tweets, and all you need to do is answer the questions in the most creative way possible!

We will be issuing prizes for our favourite replies!


We would like to wish EVERY DLive Community Member a Happy Valentines Day and look forward to receiving all your love letters 😍💌

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