DLive X COS Carnival Weekend Winners

Hi DLivers,

Hope you all had fun at the DLive X COS Carnival Weekend event! Here’s the list of winners you’ve been waiting for:

Day 1 Flappy Bird

TheFirebird $200
Sawoy $100
addonyala $50
ProGabo23 $50
PlayerGod202 $50


Day 2 Slither

Sawoy $200
TheFirebird $50
iR1gO $50
Arksava $50


Day 3 Game of choice

DeVoltaAoGame $200
Suricate $100
Sawoy $50
ProGabo23 $50
Panoramanerd $50


Huge congrats to the winners! For those who win, look out for an email from COS.TV team in the coming days to claim your prize.


DLive Team

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