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DLive x Satoshi Treasure

DLive is partnering with Satoshi Treasure! Satoshi Treasure is a treasure hunt where a $1 million prize in BTC is hidden away and can be unlocked by collecting 400 different keys. Keys are unlocked by completing quizzes, puzzles, and various other objectives. 6 DLive streamers will each have 1 different key that they will be awarding to those who are worthy, tune in their streams this week to get a head start!

Only 6 keys can be unlocked on DLive. To hunt for the other keys, checkout the Satoshi Treasure website https://satoshistreasure.xyz/ย 


Time Period To Find DLive Keys
July 8th to July 14


What You Need To Know:

  • There are 6 keys are hidden within DLive. Here are the clues:
  • After completing the objective required to unlock a key, you will get one QR code and one passphrase that will unlock the key
  • More clues and access to other puzzles that unlock other keys are available on https://satoshistreasure.xyz/
  • The first individual or group to unlock 400 different keys wins the $1 million prize money


Good Luck!

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