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Hey DLivers,

I’m glad to be sharing the updates for DLive version 0.8.2 with all of you.
I personally want to thank everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback on our product. It’s refreshing to see a Community that is so involved and invested. There are features in this update that mean a lot to me. DLive is more than just a content publishing platform. Our goal is to give all the users of DLive the tools to create a rewarding and engaging community. We still have a long way to go before a finished product, but I do feel like we are moving in the right direction.

I’m often reading the feedback provided from the Community and looking for ways to implement these ideas into the product, or atleast start to plan for them. I really appreciate the support that all the users of DLive have provided and I am looking forward to building this product and strenghtening our Community with each and every one of you.

I hope that the Community will continue to offer feedback through Discord and more importantly Trello. The whole DLive Team is actively monitoring Discord and Trello. Your feedback is so critical to the success of our platform. We will also be releasing a DLive Roadmap shortly to give everyone something to look forward to as the product continues to develop.

Fanbase Updates

Fanbase is a feature that excites me, and we have added massive updates to Fanbase in this version. I know that it is in early stages but when this feature is finished, or close to being finished, I think the Community will be as excited as I am about it. We will continue to implement updates to Fanbase to increase engagement and encourage the Community to use it.

  • DLive links are now clickable.
  • When sharing DLive links, the thumbnail of the post will be displayed.
  • When you receive a direct message a banner will be displayed, notifying you that a message has arrived.
  • Pinned messages have been enabled.
  • The owner of a Fanbase can delete messages. You can have the ability to delete your own messages as well.
  • Fanbase names can be changed at anytime now.
  • Notifications in your direct messages under Other have been added. To clarify, your Inbox is for people that you are following. If someone sends you a message and they are not followed by you, their messages will appear in the Other tab.
  • When opening Fanbase’s or direct messages, the text will start at the latest message.
  • When a new message arrives there will be an Arrow icon above the text.
  • Real-time red dot counter on the icons for Fanbase’s and direct messages.

Here is a quick preview!

Click to mute in live stream chat

I’ve read the concerns of our live streamers, that they weren’t able to mute people in their live chat easily. In this update you will be able to click on a users name and mute them right from the chat window, instead of in the live dashboard.


In the future there will be plenty of badges and achievements that can be unlocked on the website, for both content creators and viewers. The first badge we are releasing is the Verified Creator Badge. To get verified we have created a form that can be filled out, once you are approved you will see a verified badge beside your name on the DLive website.

The requirements to get verified are:

  1. DLive account name.
  2. Verified email address and phone number on DLive.
  3. Live streamers must have a webcam and microphone.
  4. Video creators must mention DLive in their videos.
  5. Selfie with DLive written on a sheet of paper.
  6. Share something about DLive on your Social Media page(s).

Each application, even if you meet the above requirements is handled separately, as we also take into count community interactivity, quality of the content uploaded / streamed, and also some internal validation requirements.

Recognition for our content creators is so important to DLive and myself. We value all the time and effort that is put into making original content. We will continue to do our best to make you feel valued through badges and achievements. The verified creator badge is only the start.

Get your content creator account verified now!

Localized User Experience

Localization is something that is important to the platform and is one of our strategies for building a rewarding and engaging community. We don’t want to restrict anyone from being able to navigate and use DLive. In this update the language will automatically change based on your IP address.

With the language enhancement we have also added an additional European site to our content delivery network. This will increase performance for all users in Europe, especially Turkey and Poland.

Video Uploading Service

DLive v0.8.1 was a big update for our video service. We had some bugs on the release and had to roll back the changes. If you missed the announcement it can be found here. With DLive v0.8.2 we have sorted out the bugs from the previous version and added additional features.

  • HD 1080p videos are now supported.
  • Increased the video uploading speed in different regions.
  • .webm format is now supported.

Miscellaneous Updates and Fixes

  • Cover images not displaying has been fixed. The recommended aspect ratio for a cover image is 1500×500. If you change your cover image it may take a few minutes before it is applied. If you experience any issues try performing a hard refresh on your browser.
  • Upvotes on video comments will show an upvoted status with a percentage attached.


Before I end this post, I have exciting news to share with everyone. We have recently acquired the dlive.tv domain, which will be implemented into the whole product line soon. After the change to dlive.tv, we will also change the URL structure for your profile and content page. For example, my channel will be dlive.tv/@wa7.

This change is to help creators share their personal channels with ease and to help you emphasize your personal brand. Plus no one wants to click a link with a long hash on the end of it 🙂 We hope that everyone will continue to share DLive links to live streams and videos on their social medias and tag @OfficialDLive.

StreamOnDLive #InDLiveWeTrust #LegitAF

Thank you,
Charles Wayn (Kent)
CEO, DLive

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