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Dear DLivers,

Thank you!

Without the support of each and every community member, we would not have come this far. The mission of DLive is to create a value sharing live streaming platform that empowers creators and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system. It’s been a long journey but in reality, this is just the beginning of a brighter adventure. Our vision is grand, and acknowledging our humble beginnings helps to keep us level headed. Many of you can remember the days of a handful of streamers, a handful of viewers, site bugs, and community problems. Throughout this process, the DLive family has been supportive, constructively critical, and a guiding flame along this journey. That is why we are eternally thankful.

Like you, we are passionate about instilling change and making a difference. Change requires doing things that may not have been done before and oftentimes is uncomfortable. It is in this uncomfortability that we find solace. DLive is not the largest live-streaming platform, we don’t have a 1,000 person corporate-backed team, but we’ve grown from nothing to over 35,000 streamers within 6 months. Brace yourselves, and together we will shake the entire live-streaming world until the DLive tremors are felt by all.

To kick off the next stage, the team has pushed out a plethora of new updates, features, and realized accomplishments in the past months that we’d like to share. Some of which you may have already noticed below.

  • Introducing the New ninja mascot of DLive named Snow!

  • Along with Snow, we have also rolled out a new gift icon called the Ninjet
    • The Ninjet will represent a 10,000 LINO Point donation amount to simplify the higher amount donations

  • The new help center & community hub has been redesigned
    • The new design has an improved user experience making it easier for you to find help and community related resources

  • The Browse page has been revamped
    • This page will now display all game titles with active viewership sorted by views
    • There is also a search function allowing you to easily find the name of the category you are looking for

  • New signup / login user flow with default email login option
    • This design is meant to simplify user signup process. For existing Lino Account users, there is still the Log In with Lino option
  • New chatroom interface
    • slow-mode and better chat moderation management for channel owners
  • Redesigned Streamers Dashboard
    • Simplified Go-Live process and stream management tools that can help
  • Temporary removal of the Treasure Chest from Web
    • For anti-spam concerns, we have temporarily removed the Treasure Chest from the DLive website and DLive mobile website.ย  Read more
  • Temporary removal of fanbase
    • Fanbase feature has been temporarily removed while we work on improving it. Read more

We have also reached some milestones in the past month

  • 35,000 Total unique streamers over the course of a 6 month period (Web, Android, and iOS)
  • Attended PAX East in Boston, MA with huge success
    • Many supportive community members came by to help educate others interested in learning about DLive
    • Held a few networking sessions where community members had the opportunity to meet each other
  • Historical growth record broken in Turkey
    • Enes Batur’s first stream on DLive (Largest Turkish Youtuber in the world with 10 million YouTube subscribers)
    • DLive is currently ranked 350th in website rankings according to Alexa.com.
    • DLive Android app is ranked #4 in Entertainment in Top Grossing List

If you’ve been looking for the opportunity to make a difference, it’s here. Removing the middleman from platform cuts will enable content creators to dramatically increase their earnings. If you’re looking to join the next movement that will take the world by storm, hop on board. The shared value economy model from Lino Network allows the community to utilize the locked points system so all supporters, verified partners, and global partners can be rewarded for the growth of the platform. Nothing in life is certain, success is never guaranteed, but the opportunity is there and we are the only ones reaching out to grab it. Join us and together we will change the world.

Stay tuned, as this is only the beginning.

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  1. all good loving updates, i’d love for the browsing page not to just show how many are watching or sorted top viewers downwards.

    as a possible idea underneath of “Watching Now”
    “Streamers Live” with a number to show how many content streamers are actually streaming that particular game? whether that’s possible or not i don’t know.

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