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Found Myself A New Home 🌈

Halloo, I am Dracinon, you can call me Jayden. I am a 21-year-old trans girl streaming on DLive. Let me tell you how I ended up calling this place my home.

My little story begins on “Star Wars Day” or the 4th of May in 2018 when I started streaming on Twitch. For a little over 2 years, I tried my luck there, searching for groups to fit in among and looking for people to stream together with. Over 2 years I tried finding a community, but only got rejected from wherever I tried to be a part of.

At some point, I heard about DLive and I really wanted to try it out. But back then, some of my viewers had issues being able to watch me on DLive. Then about one year later I had…

My beginning on DLive!

This time everything worked just fine, and I made myself cozy here. Within just my first week I immediately received help from one of the DLive guardians, Zero. He helped me set up my About Section and explained how everything works for me. On Thursday of my second week on DLive I got overrun by 200 lovely people from Tidy’s big weekly community stream, I was immediately thrown headfirst into the community and I felt like a part of this beautiful family from the first moments. I was amazed by the amount of love and support that I found here on DLive.

While I had issues keeping even just a single viewer before, as most people who came into my streams immediately rejected me because I am Transgender or part of the LGBT community in general, now on DLive it doesn’t matter if I’m LGBT or not! People will accept and support me either way. There is a lot of love and support that I experience here on DLive. After I achieved the affiliate milestone rather quickly, I am now also DLive’s newest Guardian! I am so very happy to be helping this amazing Platform and our Community grow.

So what are my favorite parts of DLive? Besides the absolutely amazing community, I have immediately been in love with the many cool features that DLive has to offer. I have to say for a streaming service that started just in 2017 they are doing a really great job! There is a direct line of communication between the DLive Team and the users, which makes it perfect to help improve the platform by bringing in your own ideas, which I myself sometimes have done. The absolutely best part about DLive is something that no money can buy, their Community. Or let me rather say, OUR Community! This isn’t a cheap joke about communism, it is me trying to tell you that no matter how small you are or how new you are, there is a place for you! When I joined with my 2 friends watching me, I expected nothing. But what I got was an entire Family! Within just my first couple weeks I already talked with some of the biggest streamers on DLive. After that my social anxiety was lowered down enough by all the support I received that I even started playing together with people from all over the community! If DLive would have a slogan, then it would probably be something containing Family or Community.

In Conclusion; DLive is the first place where I really feel comfortable, especially as an LGBT person. I see the DLive community as my family and I absolutely love the endless support that they all give each other. DLive is my most favorite place on the internet. I hope to see the platform grow and I cant wait to see you join us. And always remember, stay Hydrated!

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