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This section of frequently asked questions is to help you better understand some of the most asked questions about DLive in a concise and easy to understand format. Detail explanations are provided below each response via a link to a more detailed and individual post.


How does DLive make a profit? How is this possible if there are no cuts?

Generating a profit is not DLive’s primary goal at this time. There are various ways of generating income to ensure that the platform is sustainable. DLive, as a developer utilizing the Lino blockchain, will be compensated as an app developer via Lino App Rewards etc. Other potential sources of income include providing premium services and adding advertising opportunities on the platform. DLive’s current focus is on user growth and the development of a strong community.

The goal of DLive at this time is not to turn a profit but rather focusing on user growth; this is not uncommon in the tech industry, for example, many tech companies are not profitable in its early stages.


What does locking-in LINO Points (Locked Points) mean?

Different from LINO Points, Locked LINO Points are designed for long-term supporters of the network. Locked LINO Point holders can participate in various activities, including acting as a content creator, developer, infrastructure provider, vote on governance proposals, etc.
Learn more about Locked Points


Why does it take 12 weeks to unlock LINO Points?

LINO Points can be staked-in to Locked LINO Points instantly at any time, however, it will take 12 weeks to stake-out Locked LINO Points to LINO Points completely. This mechanism is designed to better align Locked Point holders with the long-term interest of the network. You can read more about the Locked Point system here.


Why does it cost more to buy LINO Points than you get when you cash it out?

Each LINO point is currently being offered at $0.012.  However when purchasing LINO points, payment processors impose fees on every transaction. We use payment processors to ensure that any user is able to purchase LINO points easily and safely. You can read the detailed fee structure here.
How to purchase LINO Points on DLive


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