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Happy 6 Month Anniversary!


Today marks a very important day for DLive. It has been 6 months since this platform received the delegation from @ned and Steemit Inc. Without their support, we would not have this great opportunity to build, the next generation live streaming and video community, on the blockchain.

What an amazing 6 months it has been for DLive. In terms of development and operations we are right where we need to be, but what we are most proud of, is the Community that DLive has built. We often hear from our users that DLive has the best community and service but the DLive Team firmly believes in continuous improvement. We will continue to improve our platform and support on our end, and we hope that the Community will continue to grow.

We wanted to share some of the accomplishments of DLive, that everyone might not know. These accomplishments could not have been achieved without everyone who has been using our platform daily.

  • DLive is the largest live streaming DApp in the world.
  • DLive.io has a global ranking of 59,042 according to Alexa.com and 41,088 according to SimilarWeb.com, in the past 3 months our ranking has improved 125,784 positions.
  • DLive.io is now ranked 1675 in Poland according to Alexa.com.

To celebrate all of our recent success, the DLive Team will be randomly gifting 200 SBD, in total, to the users of our platform throughout the next few weeks. If you are a live streamer make sure you keep an eye on your chat, you never know when a member of our team might stop by.

DLive.io Translation Project

This was mentioned in @WA7‘s previous post, but we are looking to expand into different markets around the world. The only way we can successfully achieve this goal, is to have our website properly translated in different languages.

As soon as a language has been successfully translated, we will update the website. When we release the language switching feature, you will also be able to change your native language in your account preferences.

We are looking to the Community for help, if you are interested, go to our CrowdIn page to start contributing your translations. If you did not find your preferred language, but are eager to help with translating, contact our team on Discord to have it added.

Current Campaigns

By now, we hope that everyone is familiar with the campaigns that we run. If you are not, here are the running campaigns right now. The whole purpose for these campaigns are to reward the users who go out of their way to help the DLive community grow. If you have not participated in any campaigns yet, we urge you to get involved and be apart of this great Community. Below you can find the campaigns that are currently running.

Refer a Friend Program

Earn up to 300 STEEM through DLive’s referral program. To read more about this program, click here.

Social Media Campaign | #StreamOnDLive

If you use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you will want to participate in this campaign. To read more about this campaign, click here.

DLive Star Campaign #10

The DLive Star Campaign is a bi-weekly campaign, we crown 3 DLive users at the end of each period and deliver them a 60% upvote. If you’re interested in participating in this campaign the announcement for period #10 has just been announced.

In closing, the DLive Team wants to thank each and every one of you. We are excited to see what successes the remainder of 2018 will bring.

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