Happy Hour in August – Winners

Dear DLivers,

Thank you all for your participation in such a wonderful event that supports the DLive community. Our goal is to always make events as fair and inclusive for everyone.

Below are a list of all the winners from Daily Giveaway.


How To Claim

Rewards for users who have successfully collected 4 elements have been distributed.

Ninjaghinis for users who won from daily giveaways have been distributed.

Rewards for DLive Stars have been distributed.

We have reviewed all eligible DLive Stars, and disqualified those who abused to gain an unfair advantage during the event. See final updated rankings below.

Final RankChannel NameDonation in LPRewardsStatus
Final RankChannel NameDonation in LPRewardsStatus

If you are amongst the list of lucky winners that have won an item that requires a physical delivery address, please fill out the form at:  https://connect.dlive.tv/campaigns/prizewinners/

The information we will require is:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Telephone Number (Used for shipping purposes, No P.O Box allowed)
  • Shipping Address (Street name & unit #, Town or City, Province or State, Postal code & Country)


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  1. Dlive is our home, redjepi is our father. Dlive heart i. I’il be the winner at the next happy hour. We will see who will be the second. come on

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