Happy Hour in August – Winners

Dear DLivers,

Thank you all for your participation in such a wonderful event that supports the DLive community. Our goal is to always make events as fair and inclusive for everyone.

Below are a list of all the winners from Daily Giveaway.


How To Claim

Rewards for users who have successfully collected 4 elements have been distributed.

Ninjaghinis for users who won from daily giveaways have been distributed.

Rewards for DLive Stars have been distributed.

We have reviewed all eligible DLive Stars, and disqualified those who abused to gain an unfair advantage during the event. See final updated rankings below.

Final RankChannel NameDonation in LPRewardsStatus
1Madsen31265520,000 LPPaid
2aeWinD28494118,000 LPPaid
3BrittanyVenti25217715,000 LPPaid
4EzgiCan16909612,000 LPPaid
5Trinity_GX13723612,000 LPPaid
6Grimoire12005810,000 LPPaid
7Aceboogz_Gaming10531110,000 LPPaid
8foXer9641110,000 LPPaid
9briaandchrissy6181410,000 LPPaid
10KingReignMaker5727710,000 LPPaid
11Eylul2484758,000 LPPaid
12MollyGolightly486588,000 LPPaid
13Syreni469988,000 LPPaid
14BackUnder425118,000 LPPaid
15cdk398588,000 LPPaid
16ClashwithBao388866,000 LPPaid
17BigEddieBear421886,000 LPPaid
18hazretiyasuo380616,000 LPPaid
19MagiCarl370296,000 LPPaid
20Boomer_Live346466,000 LPPaid
21neotoprak334216,000 LPPaid
22Enforcerj276306,000 LPPaid
23TugayGokYT272166,000 LPPaid
24KangGaming260766,000 LPPaid
25OAONAIR255786,000 LPPaid
26ToRo_TiMe244225,000 LPPaid
27expecdaunknown227985,000 LPPaid
28Fundy217185,000 LPPaid
29benayaydin214605,000 LPPaid
30NoahFromDlive210475,000 LPPaid
31CapreseMartini207804,000 LPPaid
32enesbatur185854,000 LPPaid
33JustKaalin183484,000 LPPaid
34Ali_Guler181234,000 LPPaid
35DabPlays179474,000 LPPaid
36Supercryptobros179342,000 LPPaid
37frisby61169922,000 LPPaid
38Klasman61168612,000 LPPaid
39DAHBOO7168102,000 LPPaid
40anemikvampir163602,000 LPPaid
41exandy149072,000 LPPaid
42atakanatasoy145372,000 LPPaid
43SpazzyYazzy139532,000 LPPaid
44Jen_See137422,000 LPPaid
45Alchy131252,000 LPPaid
46DaniSirbu126742,000 LPPaid
47serkanaydos119582,000 LPPaid
48AlpiReyiz118342,000 LPPaid
49GrimmSlayingDolt108422,000 LPPaid
50RealStianNorway97972,000 LPPaid
Final RankChannel NameDonation in LPRewardsStatus
1Ryan_JK9159117,000 LPPaid
2bubbleteakitten6871015,000 LPPaid
3Nerruze2906712,000 LPPaid
4VibrantKimiko2764510,000 LPPaid
5GooseWayneBatman2585510,000 LPPaid
6RIPButcher228018,000 LPPaid
7AriesJRS154028,000 LPPaid
8Channel_THoMaSS146528,000 LPPaid
9murat_ti3n145558,000 LPPaid
10ScottTheTruckDriver138898,000 LPPaid
11UG_REACH125275,000 LPPaid
12JaXboxChick110955,000 LPPaid
13Malchihiro108835,000 LPPaid
14NSHARPY101625,000 LPPaid
15GivesAMinute93985,000 LPPaid
16StreamSlaves81833,000 LPPaid
17CISCOinternet61593,000 LPPaid
18KrimpSalad61313,000 LPPaid
19C0URTNEY57143,000 LPPaid
20KennyMcGaming50353,000 LPPaid
21Noahs_Ark_Kansas49443,000 LPPaid
22trihan49103,000 LPPaid
23friendlyfredward40813,000 LPPaid
24SerdarCENK38983,000 LPPaid
25Martiinii32138623,000 LPPaid
26Applebread37073,000 LPPaid
27DarkzyVD36703,000 LPPaid
28N00B2PC34623,000 LPPaid
29Vyncent_Elwyn34433,000 LPPaid
30GOYDgaming32623,000 LPPaid
31KelbeN32272,000 LPPaid
32Dje8330632,000 LPPaid
33UcanDepik29082,000 LPPaid
34Mr_Rambles28722,000 LPPaid
35NevahNo28182,000 LPPaid
36Dantwire27501,000 LPPaid
37Trollita26231,000 LPPaid
38Tears96SM26181,000 LPPaid
39DetunedLive25921,000 LPPaid
40170Out25251,000 LPPaid
41ZizzleHD24451,000 LPPaid
42SirVeilance24381,000 LPPaid
43DottorHealer23271,000 LPPaid
44XxCarnegxX20301,000 LPPaid
45ChoppyReviewer18821,000 LPPaid
46Badshot18481,000 LPPaid
47AlperCB18071,000 LPPaid
48Webster_Games17751,000 LPPaid
49SlackersUndercover17331,000 LPPaid
50Ziya-X16701,000 LPPaid

If you are amongst the list of lucky winners that have won an item that requires a physical delivery address, please fill out the form at:  https://connect.dlive.tv/campaigns/prizewinners/

The information we will require is:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Telephone Number (Used for shipping purposes, No P.O Box allowed)
  • Shipping Address (Street name & unit #, Town or City, Province or State, Postal code & Country)


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  1. Dlive is our home, redjepi is our father. Dlive heart i. I’il be the winner at the next happy hour. We will see who will be the second. come on

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