Happy Hour Winners

Dear DLivers,

Thank you all for your participation in such a wonderful event that supports the DLive community. Our goal is to always make events as fair and inclusive for everyone.

We are releasing a revised ranking system for DLive Stars as there were participants who skewed their rankings by donating to each other. The updated ranking list should be a more fair and transparent ranking as back and forth donations have been deducted from streamers donations amounts. All prizes according to the new updated ranking system will be awarded by 4 PM PDT, June 26th. If you still have questions or concerns regarding the ranking system, please let us know so we make adjustments appropriately.

Supporting content creators is extremely vital and encouraged in order to maintain a healthy community. However, in terms of competition, we want to ensure a fair environment for all. In the spirit of Happy Hour, we will be giving $10 rewards to participants from 51st ranking up to 150th ranking in each bracket.

For future events, we will be disqualifying any participant(s) who transfer LINO out of their account for it to be donated back to them as well as those who cross donate back and forth to each other.

Happy Hour - Power Channels

Display NameRevised Donation (LP)Revised RankOrginal Donation (LP)Original RankRewards

Happy Hour - Growing Channels

Display NameRevised Donation (LP)Revised RankOrginal Donation (LP)Original RankRewards


Below are a list of all the winners from Super Giveaway.

How To Claim

Rewards for DLive Stars will be delivered automatically by 4PM PDT, June 26th, 2019.

If you are amongst the list of lucky winners that have won an item that requires a physical delivery address, please fill out the form at:  https://connect.dlive.tv/campaigns/prizewinners/

The information we will require is:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Telephone Number (Used for shipping purposes, No P.O Box allowed)
  • Shipping Address (Street name & unit #, Town or City, Province or State, Postal code & Country)


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