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Love you #DliveFam

Username: Timbulani
Channel: https://dlive.tv/timbulani

‘’It was a cold, dark and lonely night back in 2016 that I first started streaming. There was frost on the ground and the cupboards were bare……Have I got your attention?? Anyway, When I first started streaming, I didn’t know what to expect and I was overcome with emotions, Excitement, Anticipation and a strong desire to show the gaming world what I could achieve. What started out as an idea soon turned into a reality…. I loved it!!!

Quickly skipping forward to present day, I have now been on Dlive for just over a month, I have achieved so much in a short space of time due to a fantastic and supportive community. I have surpassed 200 followers, locked in 10’000 lino and I am starting to build a fantastic community of my very own called the FuzzySquad.

6 months ago, I was ready to give up on streaming, as my previous streaming platform exploded with other streamers content I was left for dust as a small streamer, I was ready to hang up the towel and move onto other passions in life. However, after a very brief stint on Mixer I found Dlive (Due to a very enthusiastic JoshBaked) and my spark for content creation was reborn.

It simply amazes me the support that every single member shows, no matter if you are a viewer, Streamer, Partner or Global Partner, Everyone is considered equal and everyone shows that this is ‘our’ platform and we are going to make it the best place for content creation. I think I can speak for many other members of the #DliveFam when I say ‘I have found my home’…

Over the last month I have seen my stream go from strength to strength, I am getting a healthy interaction from the FuzzySquad and the platform is progressing fast. Not only has my stream seen a huge increase in traffic but my other socials have benefited from the Dlive community. As Dlive operates on the blockchain and the blockchain promotes transparency I am going to share my twitter analytics from my first month on Dlive, just by chatting with fellow streamers and by using a simple stream promotion tweet every time I go live and including @DLive @DliveRetweets @DliveFamily I have achieved the below traffic increase:

As you can see just by simply being a part of this amazing community, we can all achieve great things going forward.

That’s enough from me, I just want to say a massive thank you too all members of the community for your support so far and I would thank each person individually but there simply is too many.

Everyone keep up the amazing work and I will all see you in the discord….

Love you #DliveFam’’

Cheers, Tim



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