Important Changes to the Payout Process

Dear DLivers, 

Effective immediately, we are updating our payout request process by removing the PayPal option and adding in a direct to bank option. 

In April, we received a 300% increase in chargebacks to our PayPal merchant account from our normal monthly volume. Due to this high volume of disputes, PayPal has discontinued its services for DLive. We are communicating with PayPal and working on solutions to prevent malicious chargebacks. Meanwhile, alternative payment options have been implemented.


Some examples of chargeback fraud we experienced are listed below: 

Example. 1

User purchases LINO Points via PayPal. User gifts LINO Points to a streamer account that is created by the same user who purchased the LINO Points. The streamer account attempts to “Get Paid” with their LINO Points, they donated to themselves. User then disputes the LINO Points PayPal purchase in order to game the system. This results in a chargeback.

Example. 2

Users purchase LINO Points via PayPal using a credit card they are not authorized to use. Credit card owner disputes the purchase. This results in a chargeback.

We appreciate the community’s patience as we solve these growing pains and will continue seeking better solutions. We understand how important it is for our creators to be paid for their hard work. You can still request payouts in the Lino Account portal. However, the following changes have been made to our payment processing policy.


Effective immediately, our payment structure is as follows:

  • We initiate payouts bi-weekly (every other week) on Tuesday. This will start on Tuesday, May 7th. This allows ample time for purchases and disputes to be settled.
  • The minimum amount for payment will be 4,250 LINO Points ($51 USD). This is to meet the minimum thresholds various banks require.
  • Payout requests must be submitted by 5PM Pacific Time the Friday before the payments are initiated.
  • It takes up to 7 business days for the funds to arrive in your account depending on your region and bank.
  • Bank transfers are only available in the following countries and regions:
  • Bitcoin (BTC) payout option remains available in all countries except for the United States.


At the same time, we are developing a new payment request dashboard on DLive that will be easier to navigate and provide you more options. We are also working with anti-fraud experts to ensure that we can address these issues going forward.   

The DLive Team sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause to those who rely on PayPal and appreciate your patience and understanding. Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact us here.


Best Regards,
Charles Wayn

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