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Introducing Streamer Referral Program

Hey DLivers,

Ask and you shall receive! The DLive Streamer Referral Program is now live. If you go to the top right hand corner in your web browser, and click your profile icon, you will see in the drop down menu for the built in referral system. Currently, the referral program is only available to verified partners.


The reward per qualified streamer referral is

500 Lino points + 50% content bonus match

for a 20 day period on the referred streamers content bonus


The requirements for a successful referral is below

  • Register DLive account via referral link
  • Read and follow the Community Guidelines
  • Stream more than 1 hour for at least 4 times within the 20 day referral period
  • Peak CCU (The highest number of viewers watching stream at the same time) must be over 30 within the 20 day referral period
  • 100+ followers within the 20 day referral period


The DLive community would not be what it is without the wonderful people that support it. In order to better reward and support you, we’ve this feature into the site. You as a referrer, will be able to track the progress of your referee and once a certain threshold of referrals are reached, you’ll achieve Growth Partner status which has it’s own benefits and separate dashboard. For more details about the Growth Partner program, stay tuned!

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