LINO Points Purchase Fee Update

Dear DLivers,

As you all know, the value of each LINO point is $0.012.  However when purchasing LINO, payment processors impose fees on every transaction – this covers the processing, and ensures that we are legally compliant.  We use payment processors to ensure that any user is able to purchase LINO easily and safely.

To maintain the transparency and save any confusion, we have listed the fees below.


LINO Points purchased via DLive Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)

  • Google Play Store – 30% fee
  • Apple App Store – 30% fee


LINO Points purchased via DLive.tv website (non-app)

  • Cryptocurrencies (Recommended) – Only blockchain network transaction fees based on the selected cryptocurrency will be applied as there are no payment gateway fees (This option is not available to residents in United States).
  • Xsolla – 13% fee (VAT tax may be applied upon checkout based on the country)


The above fees are now active on the DLive website and mobile apps. Fees on iOS/Android App will remain consistent on both platforms. Tiered pricing structures via different payment processors for web purchasing will be transitioned to a fix flat rate fee.


If you have any questions regarding purchasing LINO Points on DLive, please contact our customer support.

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