#MayThe4thOnDLive Star Wars Day Event

Dear DLivers,

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate Star Wars day!  May the 4th is nearly upon us and we are really excited to celebrate with the whole DLive Community.

Looking for inspiration? Check out the video from last year!

Event Details

Date: 4th May 2020
Time: 10am – 2pm PST
Prizes: 20,000+ Lemons

How can I take part?

During the #MayThe4thOnDLive event, stream dressed up as your favourite character, playing Star Wars Games, or even practise your Jedi mind control 😮

During the event, DLive staff members will be checking out your channels and will be randomly dropping Ice Creams and Diamonds 💎

Costume / Cosplay Competition

We will be rewarding up to 10 users 1000 Lemons each for our Cosplay / Costume competition.  We will be announcing the winners of the Cosplay/Costume event on this post along with a screenshot showcasing their efforts.

Twitter Party

Starting at 2pm PST, the DLive Twitter page will be hosting a #MayThe4thOnDLive twitter party, so bring your best memes.

Up to 10 questions will be asked, where we will select the best response to receive 1000 Lemons.


  • Only 1 winner per event (you can’t win the Costume event and the Twitter party)
  • Prizes to be paid in Lemons
  • Have Fun

Cosplay / Costume Winners

Each winning 1,000 Lemons











Twitter Party Winners

Each winner will receive 1000 Lemons

  • Question 1: Calanon69
  • Question 2: 1985mattyLovell
  • Question 3: the_ugly_jew
  • Question 4: drooyoo (most votes)
  • Question 5: fizzieizzy
  • Question 6: detunedlive
  • Question 7: mickeydee
  • Question 8: dotter healer
  • Question 9: thedveight
  • Question 10: AlphaDLive

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