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Meet the Unicorn Queen of DLive 🦄

Hey guys, Im Cal69, the Unicorn Queen of DLive! I’m here to tell you a bit about me.

Im from England, a massive Liverpool FC supporter! I’ve been gaming for about 10 years now, starting out on consoles before making the switch to PCs. We do still have consoles in the house but they are mainly my daughters. I started streaming on Twitch about 8 years ago and met a lot of new friends, yet couldn’t seem to get anywhere. I was on the verge of giving up completely, and it’s not like I didn’t grind my bum off cos I did. One of my DayZ community guys told me about DLive back in 2018, so I made an account to come have a look and my first stream was Feb 2019. I hit the requirements for Verified April 22nd 2019 and after that I knew what I wanted! I finally hit Global Partner 17th July 2020 and my first Global stream was 22nd July 2020. And I refuse to go anywhere else now!  Normally you will see my streaming DayZ – I part own a server -, Overwatch – mainly Total Mayhem because it’s so much fun, or Skyrim “pancake” – which is what VR players call non VR games, or VR Skyrim! I do love some Skyrim, if you couldn’t tell! There is something Skyrim related coming up in real life for me but shhh.. secret for now 😉

What I absolutely love about the platform is the community itself. No matter what issue someone is having with their stream, or RL, theres always someone there to help them, walk them through a set up (thanks Noob, Tidy and Hollywood for the setup of banana/potatomeeter).

What makes the DLive experience unique.. well where do I start? What other platform rewards the viewer as well as the streamer? What other platform has staff coming into your streams to donate, say hi, ask of theres anything that you want to see, or even spin on your chair for a diamond?

I do love DLive, I’ve met some amazing people, some I have had the fun of meeting up with. I even found an old school friend on here too! There are many more I have to meet up with – you all know who I’m on about there.  

Here’s to DLive and the love of the amazing people, and many more years to come!

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