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Meet the winner of DGT! 🎸

Shared by SoftEgo

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you start live streaming? What contents do you stream?

Hi there! My name is Tony Pandora, a.k.a SoftEgo. I’m a sophomore music major in college as of writing this and an aspiring musician/songwriter. I want to dabble in as many genres and styles as I can throughout my career.

As for streaming, I started on Twitch in 2017, but quickly gave it up due to lack of an audience and minimal content-creating equipment to work with. Since then, although I forget the exact date, I’ve been streaming on Dlive since about April a couple of years ago. I started off doing purely music, and maybe some small games here and there. As I’ve just upgraded to my first desktop (thanks to my lucky win on DLive’s Got Talent), I have a lot more variety at my disposal now! I don’t have too many exact plans or a concise schedule just yet, but I do plan to stream at least once a day– with weekly singing streams of course!


Q2. When did you join DLive? How are you liking the experience here so far? 

I joined DLive by complete chance. I started on Twitch as tonypandora1412, with little to no idea what I was doing.  I thought it would be a fun way to entertain and get to know other people, but nobody besides a few close friends ever came by. After a few months I was discouraged. To fast forward some time, I was browsing YouTube and saw a commercial by PewDiePie about the site and got curious, so I decided to check it out. I browsed through the different channels and met some streamers who were just filming themselves hanging out at home. There was one man from Oregon who shared the same passion for music that I do. Unfortunately, I believe he stopped streaming a very long time ago, but he inspired me to start streaming myself. When I did, I was blessed to meet other streamers like DocCho (the greatest memelord I’ve ever met), RowdySouls (whom I love like my own family), LovableRussian (of whom I now consider a lifelong friend), and so many others who broadened my love for the DLive community. Before I streamed here, I’d never thought I’d feel as blessed as I do today.


Q3. How did you hear about DGT? What motivates you to participate?

I was chatting in Kamehamedouken’s stream when he brought up his auditioning for DLive’s Got Talent. It was the last day of the final audition sign-ups, and I had no idea! I rushed to sign up as fast as I could! Ever since I joined DLive and met people like JacobMuirMusic (probably my favorite musician on the platform), Anayume (my Luigi queen), and Jen_See (the most wholesome musician I’ve ever met), I’ve been ranting and raving about having a talent show or collaboration of some kind- and still do! It was somewhat because of my and a few other’s annoying banter that the DLive Music discord was created! (sorry Anayume lol)

DGT was a dream come true! I was sparked into action because I knew that I’d be able to meet so many more DLive artists out there– and boy did I ever! I’m now an avid fan of Unisun, BlueNathi, AnarchyinUranus, and so many others all because of it and I couldn’t be happier!


Q4. How long did the preparation take you? Did you enjoy the overall DGT experience?

I went into the talent show not even thinking of it as a competition, but as just that- a talent show. I didn’t realize, until the day of, that we were competing for a prize. I also didn’t realize it would have such a huge turnout. I have really bad stage fright and a lot of social anxiety, so both of those facts hit me like a brick. Regardless of that, I really wanted to see the talent show through and show myself to the other musicians participating, so I pushed myself forward. I was also blessed to have friends like Linzeee,  AlexandriaYay, and a few others keeping me calm and cheering me on.

Even then, I went into it not thinking much of my own talent. I would just sing my little heart out, have fun, then let the competition move on without me so I could enjoy watching. I didn’t even have a song prepared, I just figured I’d pick one that felt right at the time (big mistake). Little did I know I’d get four votes and move on to the finals! Even then, as happy and surprised as I was, I was doubting I’d get far. With talent like LOLO_STREAMING, Rassulov11, LordSven, etc.– I was just happy that so many people got to witness them. I’d known a few of them prior to the event, like mayo_indy and LICHHAZE, so I was ecstatic to see them shine! I did my best in honor of those who didn’t make it, but I was fully expectant of a couple other contestants to take the prize. 

Lo and behold I made it to the last round, and at that point I was reeling. My final performances were a blur just because I was so overwhelmed with confusion and emotion. When they announced that I won, It didn’t at all feel real. It only finally hit me after the talent show was over and I couldn’t stop myself from crying (in front of all the people on my stream lmao)

I’m happy I pushed myself to do it. The experience was incredible! I went into it not having too many expectations besides seeing new talent, but what I got went so far beyond! I had no idea so many people were auditioning, nor did I think there would be such a huge turnout! I believe we were just shy of capping at 1,000 viewers! And to think that it was run by such a small group of people, they did an incredible job! Kevjrobbo, Evildchild, SillyPhil_140, The_Joker, MinnieMelisa, and whoever else was a part of making this event happen, I want you to know that I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, and that you did a SPECTACULAR job! I know it had to be far beyond straining on your workloads (especially keeping tabs on us hard-to-reach contestants lol), but you pulled it off with aplomb, and you should be proud!


Q5 What do you think of your fellow contestants? Did the DGT event bring you any new perspectives on the DLive community?

THE OTHER CONTESTANTS WERE SO GOOD! I was practically squealing the entire time! GeodeRocks was training wild horses to dance! WILD horses! And there were so many musicians that I didn’t know what to do with myself! AnarchyInUranus is my new favorite power duo, Nathi’s tone of voice was so rich, and LOLO’s was so raw and soulful, and LICH played his guitar with his freaking teeth, and Indy wrote probably one of the sharpest songs I’ve ever loved, and honestly I just love Jacob too much to comment, and Kame not only wrote an original but spent painstaking hours editing the second funniest thing I’d seen in the talent show, and Doc definitely made the first– he even had people spamming #BringBackDocCho for days after! I had the time of my life! The art, the dancing, the comedy, the tricks, the memes– I could not ask for more than I got from this show!

As for perspectives, I’m not too sure if it brought new ones per se, but it definitely reinstated and broadened my biggest one. I’m sure every person in the DLive community will preach that it’s the most welcoming and friendly community. I can’t stress enough how much we mean that. Streaming on this platform is probably the best thing I’ve done in my life. I’m not going to dissuade you into thinking we’re all sunshine and flowers. DLive has its trolls and disputes, just as any other platform has. But more so than that I’ve seen streamers and viewers alike that have sat by others through their darker time, and pushed people back up from their mistakes, and cheered for them through their challenges– and absolutely jumped for joy through their triumphs! No matter what kind of person you are or where you come from, there will always be a place for you here.

It’s become more than just streaming to me. It’s a place of unrivaled positivity and companionship. I’ve never felt so at home anywhere than with these people, and I would not trade it for the world.


Q6. Any messages for your fellow DLivers?

To further my point above, I’ll share a bit more about myself. I am on the Autism spectrum, and throughout my life have always struggled to connect to others. Because of those struggles, amongst other things, I shut myself off from the world. I decided to use streaming as a means to learn how to better socialize, and maybe gather the strength to be less afraid of being around others in real life. Although the fear is still there, I can say with pride and with insurmountable gratitude that I can do far beyond what I thought possible. I’ve made more friends than I ever thought I’d have, done more things than I ever thought I’d do, and I’ve darn near become a complete social butterfly!

My message to DLivers is this: You never know what can or will happen in life. Nothing ever stays the same, and neither will you. Despite however things may seem, you will always have the power to do whatever you want to do and be whatever you want to be. So long as you put your heart and mind to it, it is within your reach. If an outcast like me can push myself to become what I am now, I wholeheartedly believe than anything is possible.

To those of you who are reading this, even if we’ve never met, know that this world will always be waiting to see the best of you!

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