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Minecraft Community Tournament

On August 24th, DLive & 9yo Army Special Unit will be hosting a Minecraft Community Tournament with $500 prize pool! Registrations are now open https://forms.gle/wEX8DwKMntko5MGMA, until August 22nd.

Time & Date

August 24th, 2019 at 12PM PST (7PM GMT)
The event will be live on https://dlive.tv/9yo_army_SU


All Rounds Will be Played on European Server
The Tournament & Server are for Minecraft Java Edition 1.14.4
Everyone Must Join the Discord Channel https://discord.io/pewdiepie
All participants are required to stream on DLive during the tournament
Must be a follower of https://dlive.tv/9yo_army_SU channel on DLive
Must be a follower of @officialDLive on Twitter

Minecraft: Journey to the end

A total of 50 players will do their best to reach the End dimension as fast as possible on survival!
Did you think it’d be that easy? There’s a twist!
There are custom mobs making Caves and the Nether a lot harder!

There will be 3 rounds.
For each round:
-1st place gets 5 points
-2nd to 10th place get 4 points
-the rest get 3 points
After the first 10 people make it, the rest get 30 minutes to get there. If they don’t get there in time, they get 0 points.


The top 3 players with the most points will be announced winners! If there’s a tie, players fight each other in an arena and the winner gets 2/3 of the prize, while the defeated gets 1/3.
1st place prize: $240
2nd place prize: $180
3rd place prize: $80


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