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Moving forward, as one community

Hey DLivers,
It’s the start of a new week and we hope everyone is as excited about DLive as we are. The community and development team at DLive have been working endlessly to provide a welcoming home and a great live streaming experience for all. This is something that we aim to continue to do.
In the last few days, the DLive community has seen a large influx of new streamers and users who have expressed interest in making DLive their new home. Growing the DLive family is something we are excited about but like family, we want everyone to feel welcome and safe. This is why, as a requirement of joining DLive, it is mandatory for every new community member to read and accept the DLive terms of service in order to join.

We would like to reiterate the terms of service and community guidelines to remind everyone in the community that harassment will not be tolerated and will be dealt with a heavy hand. Our development teamโ€™s highest priority right now is improved moderation tools. Features like word-filtering in chatroom and fanbase will come out very soon.
All mature content must be tagged NSFW.

Any content that is illegal or promotes violence will be removed immediately without warning.

You can find more here:


We believe in decentralization and understand there are many communities that are feeling pressure from traditional content platforms. Freedom of expression is something that should be allowed as long as all participants in the community feel welcome and safe. Similar to how many feel unwelcome and targeted for harassment by traditional platforms, we do not want that experience for our community. At the same time, weโ€™d like to emphasize that we are a platform that is neutral to all political views and plan to stay this way.

Going forward, the DLive Team will moderate the DLive.tv homepage which means, if your stream is not tagged appropriately, the team will do so for you. If you would like to report a member of the community violating the community guidelines, please do so by submitting a support ticket. Be sure to attach any supporting evidence in the ticket.

Stay strong, stay united and harassment will NOT be tolerated on DLive.

Best regards,
Charles Wayn (Kent)
Founder & CEO of DLive

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