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New Partner Center & Benefits Update

Dear DLivers,

Stream analytics and additional subscriber benefits have been talked about for a while. We are excited to announce that your average concurrent viewership, stream hours, and days are now all available to be viewed in the new “Partner Center” section within your dashboard!

Two new benefits have also been released. Subscriber only stickers and an exclusive 70% off code on all restream.io premium services!

Partner Center

  • You can check your stream statistics for past month including Average concurrent viewers, Stream Days, Stream Hours
  • You can check your partnership progress & status
  • You can apply & reactivate directly from the partner dashboard

Benefits Update

  • Hosting is available for all affiliates
  • Sub-only stickers is available for all verified & global partners
  • Exclusive 70% off code on all restream.io premium services for all verified & global partners

Visit our new Partner Center – https://dlive.tv/s/partner-progress
Read the full list of requirements & benefits – https://community.dlive.tv/campaigns/verified-partner/

Please don’t hesitate to let us know you if have any questions, comments, or concerns. Stay tuned for more new feature releases and updates!

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