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Only wish that I’d found it Sooner

Shared by TheDvEight

Hey guys, My streaming journey started 3 years ago using a computer made up from parts from various other computers with cable management looking more like a bowl of spaghetti (my cable management has not improved).

Why I stream on DLive?

I spent a good portion of my streaming career streaming on one platform and decided it wasn’t for me anymore, after trying other streaming sites, one of my online friends and original stream moderators said “hey why don’t you check out DLive.tv” so I did. I’ve not regretted visiting DLive and only wish that I’d found it sooner.

I love and have stayed on DLive as the community really does feel like they care as do the staff, the staff will often reply to any concerns I have within 10 minutes and for that I am extremely thankful and grateful as I don’t know any other streaming platform that does this.

So far I have had the privilege to be involved with DLive events (Star Wars May the 4th ) and DLive sponsored tournaments (Dead by Daylight) which was an amazing experience and something that I would have ever participated in had it not have been for DLive.

Whether you are a streamer or a viewer take comfort in the fact that DLive and their Staff are super responsive to their users in Discord and their ticketing system.

So, give DLive a try and if you need any help with hints/tips or advice I’m only ever a DM away.