Pacalina Game Mixer 2022


Dear DLivers,

The Pacalina Game Mixer is an annual event streamed on DLive that has been held since 2019, during the event participants stream in the retro games category and are entered into a prize draw, which is held at the end of the event. This is usually hosted by Dlivers, who introduce the event, host various participating streamers and run the prize draw!

This year we have created a channel for the event and with your help we have managed to reach affiliate! Thank you so much! https://dlive.tv/OfficialPacalina

This year we have once more been graciously sponsored by DLive and have been blessed to have 100k lemons in the prize pool along with other prizes too!

Returning Events

PAC Champ

Running throughout Friday July 29th. Streamers entered into this contest will battle to get the highest score in Pac-Man, moderated by event staff. In the event of a tied score, the finalists will play one more game of Pac-Man, with the highest score taking first place. Prizes are awarded for first, second and third place.

Streamer Panels

One of the core principles of the Pacalina event is to create exposure for smaller channels and for that reason we will be holding “streamer panels” throughout. These panels will be video/voice calls held in Discord with the hosts and participating streamers (this is optional at the participants discretion) and aired on the OfficialPacalina channel, with the aim of introducing Small/New streamers/participants to the viewers and giving them an idea of what content they will be streaming over the weekend and beyond, including audience questions.

New Events

New to this year’s event are the Super Mario 64 Team Relay and a Tetris Tournament!

Tetris Tournament

Throughout Saturday July 30th Players will duke it out in 1V1 games of tetris to stand at the top of the leaderboard! You do not need to be a streamer to enter this tournament. Who will be the Tetris Master?

Super Mario 64 Team Relay

Teams of 3 players will race on Sunday July 31st to see who can get the most stars in the given time, only 1 team member must be a streamer on Dlive, speed runners will have an edge here so find the right teammates and see if you’ve got what it takes to be the Pacalina Super Squad!!


Audience eligible events

Clip Competition

This is an audience eligible Competition with the winner getting a Lemon prize, Clips will be submitted to the “clip-competition” channel in the Pacalina discord server and the winners will be chosen and announced post event. A highlight reel of these clips will be shown and.

Game giveaways

Random game giveaways for Everyone in chat throughout the event.


Join our discord for all the information and help


Or sign up here!

Signups close Monday 25th July



Terms & Conditions


Conditions of Entry:

To be entered for the Pacalina prize draw, participants must meet

the following criteria:

Submit signup form above or (see discord)

Stream in the “Retro Games” category for at least two hours while the event

is live (replays on)

Qualifying retro games are any game released before and including

the year 2003 (HD remasters are allowed, but full remakes are not)

Feature a Pacalina logo like this  on your stream or find a variation in our discord

Prizes will be awarded at the close of the event, following verification that these terms have been met

In the event of a breach of terms, the prize wheel will be spun again and another participant selected


PAC champ 2022:

The top three pac-man scorers win  prizes

In the case of a tied score, a sudden death PAC-off will be held to determine a clear winner

Complete sign up form to enter

Stream yourself playing pac-man on Dlive

Participate in discord during your time slot

Scores will only be counted during the timed event


Tetris Tournament 2022:

The top 3 winner will win prizes

Tournament is a 1v1 format and  first to 5 wins

In the event of a no show the opponent scores an automatic win

There will be no re-pairings once pairs have been assigned

Competitors DO NOT need to stream in order to compete

Competitors MUST be in discord Voice chat to compete


Super Mario 64 Relay:

Only the Top team will receive prizes from this event

Teams must consist of 3 players and at least 1 player must be a streamer on Dlive

Your team will have to  sign up to https://jam.gg/ to play, jam.gg is free and works differently on

each browser so test which browser works best for you, keyboard and mouse does not work,

and so game pads do not work, we will have more info in the discord.


Clip competition:

To enter  the competition, submit your clip to the Pacalina discord clip contest channel

Clip must have the Pacalina Logo visible to be entered into the clip channel

We will not accept self clips of your own channel as this is an audience eligible event

Prizes will be split 50/50 to clipper and channel owner

The Cut off Date for submitting clips will be August 1st at midnight CT

Pacalina Staff will pick 3 winners and there will be a winner voted by the viewers.

Voting options will be available in the clip competition channel From August 3rd-August 5th

We will stream a highlight reel of the clip winners and our favorite moments on August 6th



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