Pacalina Game Mixer

Dear DLivers,

The Pacalina Game Mixer is an annual event on DLive that has been held since 2019, usually running on the last Saturday of July – the name is a play on the “Catalina Wine Mixer” from the movie Step Brothers. During the event participants stream in the retro games category and are entered into a prize draw, which is held at the end of the event. The event is usually hosted by a handful of channels (affiliate streamers at minimum) who introduce the event, physically host various participating streamers and run the prize draw (hosts are not entered into the draw, but will ordinarily stream retro games in-between hosting the other channels). 

For the past two years Pacalina has been a twelve hour event, held on the last Saturday of July; this year we are expanding it to run throughout the entire weekend, beginning at 9pm UTC on Friday 30th July and ending 48 hours later on Sunday 1st August.

New to this year’s event are the clip competition, sub giveaways, streamer panels, a vote for next year’s co-host and our much anticipated “PAC champ” contest! 

Join the event Discord here


Clip Competition:

This year we are encouraging viewers and streamers to get clips from the event, with the winner getting a prize (this prize will be split between the viewer and streamer in the case of viewer-submitted clips). Clips will be submitted to the “clip-competition” channel in the Pacalina discord server and the final selection will be made up of clips with the most “thumbs up”. At the close of the event and prior to the final prize draw, a highlight reel of these clips will be shown and a poll held to find the best clip.


Sub Giveaways:

At least two separate sub giveaways will be held – the first on Friday evening (PST) and the second on Saturday evening (PST). The giveaways will consit of the event sponsors and/or hosts visiting participating channels (at affiliate level and above) and gifting subscriptions in their chats.


Streamer Panels:

One of the core principles of the Pacalina event is to create exposure for smaller channels and for that reason we will be holding several “streamer panels” throughout. These panels will be video/voice calls held in Discord with the hosts and participating streamers (this is optional at the participants discretion) and aired on the host channels, with the aim of introducing the participants to the viewers and giving them an idea of what content they will be streaming over the weekend. The first panel will be held at the opening of the event, the second will be around sixteen hours later, the third in another twelve hours and the final panel eight hours later. The time slots for these panels have been staggered and selected so as to allow for streamers from any time-zone to be able to take part if they so wish.


PAC Champ:

Running on Saturday between 8 and 10pm UTC. Streamers entered into this contest will battle to get the highest score in Pac-Man, which will be verified through clips and moderation by event staff. In the event of a tied score, the finalists will play one more game of Pac-Man, with the highest score taking first place. Prizes are awarded for first, second and third place.


Prize Draws:

The Pacalina prize draw is a “spin the wheel” draw, entered into by participating streamers. As each prize is drawn (lowest first) the winner is removed from the wheel for the next spin. The original Pacalina consisted of a handful of prizes, with a single draw at the close of the event; last year’s event had more prizes and the draw was split into two separate draws. This year’s draw has even more prizes and will be split into five separate wheel-spins. 


Conditions of Entry:

To be entered for the Pacalina prize draw, participants must meet the following criteria:

  Submit signup form (see Discord)

  Stream in the “Retro Games” category for at least two hours while the event is live

  Feature the Pacalina 2021 logo on your stream (see Discord)

  Prizes will be awarded at the close of the event, following verification that these terms have been met

  In the event of a breach of terms, the prize wheel will be spun again and another participant selected

  Humble bundle games for the prize draw will be from the August Humble Bundle selection


PAC champ 2021:

  PAC champ will run for two hours from 8-10pm (UTC) on Saturday 31st July

  The top three pac-man scorers win a prize

  In the case of a tied score, a PAC-off will be held to determine a clear winner

  Stream yourself playing pac-man to enter

  Feature the Pacalina 2021 logo on your stream (see Discord)

  Verify your high score by submitting a clip of you achieving this score to the Pacalina discord

  Scores from games started after 10pm (UTC) will not be counted

  If you can verify that your game started before 10pm but overran, this will be counted


Saturday game giveaway:

  Humble bundle games won on Saturday’s giveaway will be from the July selection


Clip competition:

  To enter into the competition, submit your clip to the Pacalina Discord

  5,000 lemons will be split equally between the clip-maker and streamer


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