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Partnership Program Update – October

Dear DLivers,

We have listened to your feedback and are happy to announce that we are removing the locked points requirement from all partnership requirements.

Old Requirements:

  • VP: 5,000 Locked Points
  • GP: 50,000 Locked Points

New Requirements:

  • VP: No Locked Points required
  • GP: No Locked Points required

All users are still welcome to help shape the Lino blockchain by locking LINO Points. Locking LINO Points allows you to vote on potential changes to help shape the future of DLive and Lino blockchain, and to build the community, together as one.

When voting on changes for the Lino blockchain as a Locked Points holder, you are also entitled to receive Locked Points rewards based on 9.9% of the entire consumption (donations and paid subscriptions) generated on the Lino blockchain. However, locking your LINO Points should be your choice.

In addition to the above, Affiliates can now enable follower & subscriber mode only chat rooms.

We feel these changes empower all DLive Content Creators #DLiveListens

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