Partnership Program Update

Dear DLive Partners,

Over the past several months we have been reaching out to many of you for feedback about the Partnership Program on DLive. We are so excited to announce that based on the feedback received, the following updates will be applied:

  1. The current Verified Partnership maintenance requirements will be removed, which means that Verified Partners do not need to meet the requirements of stream days, stream hours, and the subscriber count in order to keep the status active. Instead, all Verified Partners just need to ensure they have a stream history within the last 2 months to maintain their partnerships.
  2. The Global Partnership maintenance will change to ‘2 out of 3’ requirements (Stream days, stream hours, and the subscriber count). For instance, every two months, if a global partner is able to keep 150 subscribers and reach 24 unique stream days, then this user’s status will keep active for the current maintenance checking period.
  3. Partners who publicly advertise that they are no longer utilize the DLive streaming services will have their partnership status revoked.
  4. “Expedited payout processing” has been removed from the perks of DLive Global Partnership due to the updates from our payout processing vendors.
  5. In replacement of the “Expedited payout processing” benefit, we will be introducing a “Monthly Loyalty Gift” benefit to all DLive Global Partners. (More details will be announced at a later date.)
  6. We will be introducing a new Tiered Rewards system for Verified Partners and Global Partners who actively stream on DLive. The more you stream the more you are rewarded. (More details will be announced at a later date.)
  7. The DLive team is also working on monthly Partners Day events where we can celebrate all our Affiliates, Verified Partners, and Global Partners. (More details will be announced at a later date. Please do share with us if you have any interesting ideas!)

Partner Rewards

As announced by Charles:

We are pleased to be providing all our verified partners with $10.00 steam gift cards and our Global Partners with $50.00 steam vouchers!

To redeem your Steam Gift Card, please visit: https://connect.dlive.tv/partner-benefits/


As always we would love to hear your feedback!

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