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Personalize your chatting experience with Stickers

Express yourself in DLive chat rooms with Stickers!


How to upload Stickers to your Channel Library

Only Verified Partners and Global Partners can add/upload stickers to their channel library. You can add stickers to your channel library by first clicking on the library icon in your chat room then choosing upload. Channel library can be added/uploaded by the channel owner or the moderators.

Sticker Requirements

  • 150px x 150px *
  • Under 5mb in Size
  • All stickers must adhere to our community guidelines
  • Please DO NOT add/upload the default gifting animation on DLive as the sticker.

* Any images larger than the dimensions above will be resized to 150×150.

A maximum of 20 stickers can be uploaded to your channel library.


How to add stickers your Favorite Library

To add a sticker to your personal Favorite Library, click the sticker you like in the chatroom and select “Add to Favorite Library”.

You can have a maximum of 20 favorite stickers in your Favorite Library.

Currently, uploading your own stickers to Favorite Library is not open to the public.


How to use Stickers

To use a sticker, please click the smiley face in the chat box – then click the sticker you would like to send to the chat room.

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