Poloniex BTT TRX Airdrop to DLive Creators

Dear DLivers,

To celebrate the launch of the DLive BTT Staking feature, we have collaborated with Poloniex to Airdrop $10,000 worth of BTT & TRX to DLive Affiliates, Verified Partners and Global Partners.

๐Ÿ“† Sign up period: May 13th 2020 to May 27th 2020

๐Ÿ”— Sign Up

Starting today, qualified users can sign up now by visiting the link above and entering your BTT or TRX wallet address after signing in.

If you provide a Poloniex wallet address, you will also be eligible for an additional bonus.

When will I receive the Airdrop?

The rewards will be distributed within two weeks after the sign up period ends.

How much Airdrop will I receive?

The total airdrop is $10,000. This will be equally distributed amongst the total signups. If you have provided a Poloniex wallet address your percentage share will be greater.


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